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2013 Pacific Energy Summit

“[NBR] does a terrific job at getting great people, with great ideas, and making it into a process of dialogue and interaction that leads to recommendations that are very useful in the policymaking process.”

    —Robert Hormats,
    U.S. Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment

The annual Pacific Energy Summit provides a vehicle for ongoing collaboration and dialogue on the topics of energy security and climate change and seeks to forge lasting partnerships that address these challenges jointly.

On April 2–4, 2013, NBR and Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada co-hosted the Summit, which convened key stakeholders from around the world in Vancouver, Canada, to discuss market and policy solutions for “Forging Trans-Pacific Cooperation for a New Energy Era.”

This invitation-only event took place in an interactive forum where delegates explored what is needed to realize the full potential for more integrated energy trade and investment between Asia and North America.

The Asia-Pacific is the most economically dynamic region in the world and sits at the forefront of global efforts to effectively and sustainably meet growing energy needs. Policy decisions define how we will meet burgeoning energy demand to sustain economic growth and address the concurrent environmental impacts.

Summit Papers

To inform plenary sessions and prompt thought-provoking discussion, the 2013 Summit organizers commissioned policy papers from top experts in the field. Read the 2013 Summit Papers.

Energy-Efficiency Policies in the Asia-Pacific: Can We Do Better?
Tilak K. Doshi, Energy Studies Institute, National University of Singapore
Nahim Bin Zahur, Energy Studies Institute, National University of Singapore

Implications of North American LNG Exports for Asia’s Pricing Regime
Shahriar Fesharaki, FACTS Global Energy

Forging a New Trans-Pacific Energy Trade: Opportunities and Challenges
Mikkal E. Herberg, The National Bureau of Asian Research; University of California, San Diego

The U.S.-Canada Energy Relationship and the Growing Role for Asia
James Slutz, Global Energy Strategies LLC

Social License to Operate: How to Get It, and How to Keep It
Brian F. Yates, SNC Lavalin Environment
Celesa L. Horvath, Ventus Development Services Inc.

Op-eds and Media Mentions

The 2013 Pacific Energy Summit was discussed in over 50 national and international news sources.

Self-sufficiency will open doors in Asia-Pacific region
By Dennis Blair and Kevin Lynch - 4/01/13, The Vancouver Sun

How to Secure Our Energy Future
By Dennis Blair - 4/01/13, U.S. News

Liquefied natural gas: Transforming US into global energy hub
By Rep. Charles Boustany (R-La.) - 4/02/13, The Hill

The high-risk, high-stakes plan to export LNG from B.C. to Asia
4/2/2013, The Globe and Mail

Canada's close ties with Asia of little concern to United States
4/3/2013, The Vancouver Sun

Canada Taps LNG Export Market: While the U.S. Waits, Canada Makes Moves
4/4/2013, Energy & Capital

Global demand expected to remain high enough for LNG development in B.C.
4/5/2013, The Vancouver Sun

Former Obama adviser Blair pushes diplomatic benefit of LNG exports
4/5/2013, Platts

Download a full list of media coverage and op-eds:

2013 Pacific Energy Summit - All Media Coverage

2013 Summit Featured Speakers

Dennis BLAIR
The National Bureau of Asian Research Board of Directors, United States

Charles W. BOUSTANY, Jr.
House of Representatives, United States

Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada

The National Bureau of Asian Research;
University of California, San Diego, United States

Department of State, United States

Muhammad Enamul HUQ
Ministry of Power, Energy and Natural Resources, Bangladesh

Institute of Energy Economics, Japan, Japan

BMO Financial Group, Canada

Tadashi MAEDA
Japan Bank for International Cooperation;
Special Advisor to the Cabinet, Japan

OH Sung-Hwan
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, South Korea

Carlos Jericho PETILLA
Department of Energy, Philippines

China University of Petroleum at Beijing, China

Yuen Pau WOO
Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, Canada

Commission VII, House of Representatives, Indonesia

Anthony YUEN
Citi Research, United States

Mission of the Summit

Building Economic and Environmental Security through Innovative Energy Solutions

The Pacific Energy Summit aims to foster economic and energy security in the Asia-Pacific by developing practical solutions to the twin challenges of rising energy demand and global climate change.

The Summit convenes policymakers, industry leaders and experts to:

  • articulate regional energy needs and opportunities to explore innovative technology and policy solutions

  • coordinate efforts to make effective use of available technology and limited resources

  • foster public-private partnerships

Learn more about the Pacific Energy Summit.

Research and Results

Participants received expert policy papers in advance of the Summit to frame and inform the panel discussions. These papers will be distributed to key stakeholders in the region along with a final report summarizing key discussion points and findings. Briefings with key stakeholders and policymakers will be held in Washington, D.C. and Ottawa, Canada, to further the Summit discussion and findings.

Sponsorship Opportunities

For more information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Laura Schwartz
Project Manager,
Trade, Economic, and Energy Affairs
+1.202.347.9767 (Washington, D.C., USA)