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NBR's President, Rich Ellings, highlights the importance of teamwork and shares Seattle's football pride with board members and staff after the Seahawks' win on January 18, 2015:

NBR teammates,

This is not the usual subject matter that motivates my occasional emails to you, but let's face it, this is not the day after a normal game.

I am a stereotypical sports guy, as you know. Worse, really. As you also know, I play sports too—way beyond the years when wisdom and retirement are supposed to kick in. Part of what I love about athletic games is the totality of human capacities they demand of people: their physical, mental, and emotional capacities. Great team athletes have to work hard, and I mean hard, to prepare. They have to believe in their ability to contribute as individuals, in the ability and commitment of their teammates and coaches, in the power of the mind to analyze and learn, and in the importance of emotional drive to beat the odds. Random things that we call good or bad luck will happen. In other words, preparation, execution, and statistics are not destiny, just tendency.

And so the odds were ignored by the Seahawks with three minutes to go in yesterday's NFC championship game. By ignoring their nearly impossible chances, drawing upon outrageous preparation, believing in themselves as individuals and as a team, never giving up, continuing to "keep their heads" by applying tough analysis to situational issues, and getting a couple lucky breaks, Russell Wilson, Jermaine Kearse, and their teammates managed to prevail.

I know that you are not all sports nuts like yours truly. But even if you’re not a sports fan or even if you hate the Hawks, you can learn powerful lessons from what took place yesterday on the gridiron in Seattle.

Your teammate,

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integrity, mutual trust and respect, ingenuity, creativity, loyalty, fairness, teamwork, tolerance, family, and community.

NBR’s most important resources are its team members, for they are the institution. From this priority naturally flows NBR’s commitment to our clients, stakeholders, and partners around the world, who are all critical to our success. We show our appreciation by providing team members opportunities to develop and by understanding that their families are most important of all.

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