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Oceania Cold War Versus the Blue Pacific

Michael Wesley
Chapter | Jan 21, 2020
Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia and Sino-U.S. Competition Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Joseph Chinyong Liow
Chapter | Jan 21, 2020

Europe's Place in Sino-U.S. Competition

Liselotte Odgaard
Chapter | Jan 21, 2020
Chinas Rise and the Americas

U.S.-China Competition in the Western Hemisphere

Carol Wise
Chapter | Jan 21, 2020
Energy Cooperation

U.S.-Australia Energy Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific

Clara Gillispie
Brief | Jan 10, 2020
Financial Architecture

Assessing the Dollar's Status as a Reserve Currency in a Multipolar World

Richard Dzina
Commentary | Jan 6, 2020
Chinese Economy

China's Ten-Year Struggle against U.S. Financial Power

Rush Doshi
Commentary | Jan 6, 2020
U.S.-Australia Relations

Born in Ambiguity The Historical Context of the U.S.-Australia Alliance

Donald A. DeBats
Brief | Dec 23, 2019