The People of the PLA 2.0

The People of the PLA 2.0

Edited by Roy D. Kamphausen
July 23, 2021

The 27th annual People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Conference—“The People in the PLA” 2.0—revisited a theme first explored at the 2006 conference but understudied since. This volume examines how the structure, education, training, and recruitment of PLA personnel have changed in the last decade and in the Xi Jinping era.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
The Impact of Reform on the PLA’s Political Work System
Morgan Clemens and Benjamin Rosen

Chapter 2
Rocket Force Personnel in the Age of Xi Jinping
David C. Logan

Chapter 3
The Three Enablers: Managing and Assuring Access for People’s Liberation Army Bases and Overseas Operations
Eric Kiss

Chapter 4
The People’s Liberation Army in 2018: Education and People’s War
Brian Waidelich and Bernard D. Cole

Chapter 5
Changes in the PLA’s Military Education
Kenneth Allen and Brendan Mulvaney

Chapter 6
Learning from Recent Protests among People’s Liberation Army Veterans
Neil J. Diamant

Chapter 7
Cultivating Joint Operations Talent
Kevin McCauley

Chapter 8
PLA Foreign Training Exchanges: More than Military Diplomacy?
John Chen and James Mulvenon

Chapter 9
China’s Human Capital Ecosystem for Network Warfare
Joe McReynolds and LeighAnn Luce

Chapter 10
Ellis Joffe and the Founding Generation of PLA Studies: Thoughts for Younger Scholars
Cynthia Watson