Securing the Belt and Road Initiative
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Securing the Belt and Road Initiative

Podcast with Mathieu Duchâtel, Kristen Gunness, Nadège Rolland, and Alison Szalwinski
December 13, 2019

In this episode of NBR’s Asia Insight, Alison Szalwinski moderates a panel discussion with Nadège Rolland, Mathieu Duchâtel, and Kristen Gunness about NBR’s recent report Securing the Belt and Road Initiative: China’s Evolving Military Engagement along the Silk Roads. The discussion took place at the Daniel Morgan Graduate School in Washington, D.C., on November 13, 2019.

Nadège Rolland is a Senior Fellow for Political and Security Affairs at NBR.

Mathieu Duchâtel is Director of the Asia Program at Institut Montaigne.

Kristen Gunness is Founder and CEO of Vantage Point Asia LLC.

Alison Szalwinski is Vice President of Research at NBR.

Time Stamps

[2:14] Szalwinski introduces the panelists

[4:56] Rolland gives her introductory remarks

[5:32] She discusses the strategic community’s thoughts about protecting their assets and infrastructure

[8:08] She comments on the constraints BRI presents to other countries

[10:55] She explores how the community should respond to these threats

[12:38] Duchâtel gives his introductory remarks

[15:08] He discusses the change in China’s national security policy

[18:50] He discusses what is needed for China to build their next facility using the Djibouti model

[23:45] He touches on the idea that Chinese thinking overseas has changed

[27:45] Gunness gives her introductory remarks

[28:40] She enumerates China’s drivers for BRI expansion

[31:57] She discusses the PLA’s goals

[34:20] She assesses the challenges China faces expanding BRI

[36:57] She considers where and when China might deploy the PLA

[39:50] Szalwinski comments on the trends discussed by the panelists

[41:00] She asks the panelists about their thoughts on China’s 2019 white papers

[41:45] Rolland answers

[43:47] Duchâtel answers

[46:08] Gunness answer

[47:10] Szalwinski asks about the response of the United States and other Western countries

[48:20] Duchâtel answers

[51:10] Gunness answers

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