Pandemic Perceptions: Public Opinion and U.S.-China Relations
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Pandemic Perceptions
Public Opinion and U.S.-China Relations

Podcast with Naima Green-Riley
March 25, 2021

In this episode of Asia Insight, Karolos Karnikis speaks with Naima Green-Riley about her essay in NBR’s Emerging Voices on the New Normal in Asia series, “Pandemic Persuasions? American Public Opinion and U.S.-China Relations.” The episode examines trends in U.S. perceptions of China and discusses the implications for the U.S.-China relationship.

Naima Green-Riley is a PhD candidate and Raymond Vernon Fellow in the Department of Government at Harvard University. Her research focuses on how states attempt to influence foreign publics through public diplomacy. She has contributed expert commentary to the National Committee on U.S.-China Relations and the Aspen Strategy Group, and her writing has been featured in publications such as the Diplomat and the Monkey Cage blog at the Washington Post. She will start a tenure-track professorship at Princeton University in fall 2022.

Karolos Karnikis is Senior Vice President of Information and Technology at NBR.

Podcast Timestamps

00:36 Introduction: Can you tell us about your work?

04:58 What is the difference between covert and overt methods that governments use to influence publics?

05:46 What were some of the key findings in your Emerging Voices essay?

08:47 Are negative public perceptions confined to certain areas?

10:03 How are you able to measure respondents’ awareness of the “rise of China”?

13:10 What is the relationship between public opinion and foreign policy?

16:43 Can you tell us a little about public opinion trends in China?

18:14 In the near future, what should the United States and China prioritize in their relations?

26:55 Closing remarks

This podcast was recorded on 3/16/21.

This podcast was produced by the National Bureau of Asian Research with support from the Henry Luce Foundation.

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