Brian D. Taylor’s <em>The Code of Putinism</em>

Brian D. Taylor's The Code of Putinism

by Mark N. Katz, Peter Rutland, Robert Orttung, Ellen Powell, and Brian D. Taylor
April 29, 2019

Brian D. Taylor’s The Code of Putinism examines the mentality of Vladimir Putin and his leadership that has shaped Russian politics, economics, and foreign policy over the last two decades. Mark N. Katz, Peter Rutland, and Robert Orttung and Ellen Powell discuss the implications of this worldview and its durability for Russia’s future, even after Putin is gone.


Where Is Putinism Leading Russia?

Mark N. Katz

The Roots of Authoritarianism in Russia

Peter Rutland

A State without a Society

Robert Orttung and Ellen Powell

Author’s Response: The Code Is Central, but for How Long?

Brian D. Taylor

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