Asia Policy 18.3 (July 2023)

Asia Policy 18.3
July 2023

July 27, 2023 The National Bureau of Asian Research ISSN 1559-2960

This issue of Asia Policy features a roundtable on the Indo-Pacific strategies and concepts of states active in the region; an article examining how U.S. semiconductor policy affects South Korea, where semiconductors are the leading export; an article on how the 2021 military coup in Myanmar was a foreseeable consequence of domestic political dynamics and international misperceptions; and a book review roundtable on U.S. and Chinese data governance discussing Aynne Kokas’s Trafficking Data: How China Is Winning the Battle for Digital Sovereignty.


One Region, Multiple Strategies: How Countries Are Approaching the Indo-Pacific

Jaeho Hwang, Jeffrey W. Hornung, Junya Nishino, Nick Bisley, Natalie Sambhi, Henryk Szadziewski, Anna Powles, Céline Pajon, John Nilsson-Wright, and Alison Szalwinski


U.S. Semiconductor Policy and South Korea: A Delicate Balancing Act between National Priorities and International Collaboration

Seong-Hyon Lee


Misunderstanding Myanmar

Michael F. Martin

Book Review Roundtable

Aynne Kokas’s Trafficking Data: How China Is Winning the Battle for Digital Sovereignty

Kendra Schaefer, Paul Triolo, Aynne Kokas, and Emily Weinstein

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