Asia Policy 11 (January 2011)

Asia Policy 11
January 2011

January 1, 2011 ISSN 1559-0968

The eleventh issue of Asia Policy examines security and economic policy in Asia with contributions by five National Asia Research Program associates and fellows. Yasheng Huang offers a special essay on economic policy and development in China. Victor Cha analyzes regional security architectures and how U.S. alliances fit in. Christopher Twomey examines the implications of nuclear and strategic weapons for the Asian security environment. William Grimes assesses the likely future of Chiang Mai Initiative Multilaterization and whether an Asian monetary fund will arise. Christine Fair describes the use of asymmetric warfare and Islamic militancy in Pakistan’s foreign policy. The issue also includes a review essay by Sourabh Gupta of books on China’s and India’s rise, and reviews of recent books on Asia’s rise, civil society, and more.

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