Asia Policy 10 (July 2010)

Asia Policy 10
July 2010

July 1, 2010 ISSN 1559-0968

The tenth issue of Asia Policy offers two roundtables, one on the direction of the U.S.-Japan alliance and one on policymaking in China sixty years after the creation of the PRC; an article on the maritime boundary dispute between Bangladesh and Myanmar; Q&As on lessons from Asia for reform of the global health system and on the Chinapol Internet discussion group; a book review roundtable on The Power of the Internet in China: Citizen Activism Online; and reviews of recent books addressing Asian democracy, regionalism, and more.


A New Stage for the U.S.-Japan Alliance?

Michael J. Green, Yuki Tatsumi, Kent E. Calder, Andrew L. Oros, Michael Finnegan, and Kenneth B. Pyle


Chinese Foreign Policy and Domestic Decisionmaking

Cheng Li, Travis Tanner, Mark W. Frazier, Allen Carlson, and Xiao Ren


The Maritime Boundary Dispute Between Bangladesh and Myanmar: Motivations, Potential Solutions, and Implications

Jared Bissinger

Policy Q&A

Reforming the Global Health System: Lessons from Asia

Nigel Crisp

Policy Q&A

The Basics of Chinapol

Richard Baum

Book Review Roundtable

The Power of the Internet in China

Juntao Wang, Evgeny Morozov, Randy Kluver, David Bachman, Xu Wu, and Guobin Yang

Review Essay

Democracy, Security, and Regionalism in Asia

Daniel Lynch

Book Review

Book Reviews – Asia Policy 10

Tobias Harris, C. Raja Mohan, William Schabas, Jonathan Fenby, Russell Leigh Moses, Pradeep Taneja, and Donald E. Weatherbee

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