A Renewable Alliance: The Future of U.S.-Japan Energy Cooperation
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A Renewable Alliance
The Future of U.S.-Japan Energy Cooperation

Podcast with Mikkal E. Herberg
September 28, 2020

In this episode of Asia Insight, Dan Aum interviews senior advisor and research director of NBR’s Energy Security Program Mikkal Herberg. They explore various issues related to the energy relationship between the United States and Japan, including how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected global energy markets, what U.S. and Japanese policymakers have done separately and together to improve energy security, and the barriers to further developing energy infrastructure in the Indo-Pacific.

Mikkal Herberg, in addition to his roles with NBR, is a Senior Lecturer on international and Asian energy at the Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies, UC San Diego. Previously, he spent twenty years in the oil industry in Strategic Planning roles for ARCO, where from 1997 to 2000 he was Director for Global Energy and Economics and responsible for worldwide energy, economic, and political analysis.

Podcast Timestamps

2:03 “How did you first get interested in energy issues?”

4:33 “What’s your take on the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on global energy markets?”

10:54 “Can you speak more broadly of the pandemic’s overall impact on U.S. markets and energy security?”

16:10 “How has Covid-19 affected Japanese markets and energy security?”

18:32 “How have Japanese policymakers responded to these impacts?”

20:31 “How are companies in the United States responding to these challenges? What about the U.S. government?”

22:31 “What is your take on the bilateral energy initiatives between the United States and Japan?”

26:38 “What are some of the barriers to the United States in promoting and developing good infrastructure in Southeast Asia?”

32:38 “Will private investment be the primary capital funneling into Southeast Asia if it becomes a more attractive target for energy infrastructure investment?”

36:07 “Are there things that Japan and the United States can do bilaterally to strengthen their energy security?”

39:50 “Is there a single book you’d recommend to an Asia generalist trying to understand energy issues?”

42:04 “One year from now, which of the major sources of energy will see the greatest increase? The greatest decrease? Why?”

44:30 “What advice would you give to an aspiring student interested in studying U.S.-Japan energy relations?”

This episode was made possible through the generous support of the United States-Japan Foundation.

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