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“Speed Dating” Xi: China Shows Off Its New Friends at Beijing Winter Olympics (Financial Times, 2/13/2022)

Remember the “Pivot” to Asia? U.S. Wants to Reassure Pacific Allies It’s Still On (LA Times, 2/9/2022)

Taiwan Is Not Ukraine: Stop Linking Their Fates Together (War on the Rocks, 1/27/2022)

U.S. to set ‘common goals’ on Indo-Pacific economic cooperation in early 2022 (Reuters, 1/19/2022)

Deterring The Dragon – What China’s Neighbors Can Do To Hem In Its Adventurism And Aggression (MEMRI, 1/12/2022)

India Says China Is Buildinga New Bridge in Tense Border Area to Make It Easier to Deploy Troops (Telegraph, 1/12/2022)

China’s Strategy Is To Divide And Conquer By Driving Wedges Into Nascent Coalitions (StratNews Global, 1/11/2022)

How China Snuffed Out Threats Across Asia in 2021 (Voice of America, 12/29/2021)

How the Chinese Communist Party Sees China’s Place in the World (National Security Podcast, 12/9/2021)

China’s State-Sponsored Industrial Espionage Is Part of a Larger System (Marketplace, 12/9/2021)

Security Agenda for the Kishida Cabinet: Building a Credible Deterrent Capability (Nippon.com, 12/8/2021)

Can Moon Jae-in Finally End the Korean War? (National Interest, 12/6/2021)

Chinese Military At or Near Ability to Invade Taiwan, U.S. Agency Concludes (U.S. News and World Report, 11/17/2021)

Pentagon, Congress Increasingly Worried about the Rise of Chinese Military (Fox News, 11/9/2021)

Is It Worth Doing Business with China? (Metro West Daily News, 10/31/2021)

Majlis Podcast: Is China’s Base in Tajikistan a Sign of Creeping Penetration? (Radia Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 10/24/2021)

Alaska Talks: Is the U.S. Trying to Turn China into a Pariah? (Deutsche Welle, 10/19/2021)

China Energy Risks Rise with AUKUS Security Deal (Radio Free Asia, 10/10/2021)

Long Promised and Often Delayed, the “Pivot to Asia” Takes Shape under Biden (NPR, 10/6/2021)

China Wields New Legal Weapon to Fight Claims of Intellectual Property Theft (Wall Street Journal, 9/26/2021)

U.S., France Dispute Australia Sub Deal Details as Ties Sour (Bloomberg, 9/16/2021)

US, UK, Australia Launch New Trilateral Indo-Pacific alliance to Counter China (Times of India, 9/16/2021)

China Faces Winter Warnings as Coal Demand Grows (Radio Free Asia, 8/20/21)

As Chinese Vaccines Stumble, U.S. Finds New Opening in Asia (New York Times, 8/20/21)

China Suffers High Costs from Sanctions on Coal (Radio Free Asia, 6/25/21)

The Indo-Pacific Quest for the Quad’s Spirit (Observer Research Foundation Issue Brief, 7/6/21)

Visiting Scholar Seminar with Clara Gillispie, Senior Advisor from National Bureau of Asian Research, U.S. (KIEP News, (6/2/21)

Roy Kamphausen | China and the U.S.: The 5 Strategic Challenges (World Affairs Council, 5/10/2021)

China Pressed To Improve Climate Pledges (Radio Free Asia, 5/7/2021)

Beijing responds to U.S. alliances with ‘wolf warrior’ defiance. Will it backfire? (Los Angeles Times, 4/26/21)

Chinese Navy Chases Philippines’ News Crew in Disputed Sea (Bloomberg, 4/9/2021)

La Nouvelle Route de la Soie” (U.S. Embassy Algiers, 3/31/2021)

Taiwan’s Gas Dilemma (Radio Taiwan International, 3/2/2021)

China’s Energy Agency Rocked by Coal Power Report (Radio Free Asia, 2/19/21)

Manufacturing: The China Inc. Model (Marketplace, 2/2/21)

Chinese Investment in Haifa Port Ccould Compromise U.S.-Israel Intelligence Sharing: Report (Middle East Eye, 2/1/21)

Revisit and Revamp: Why Biden Must Re-Examine America’s Great-Power Struggle (National Interest, 1/30/21)

U.S. Should Continue to View China As a Threat, Says Congressional Panel (South China Morning Post, 1/29/21)

China Plans To Sell COVID-19 Vaccines To Other Countries (NPR, 1/11/21)

America’s Reputation Has Suffered under Covid-19, but China Has Struggled to Step into the Void (Washington Post, 10/11/20)

China Pressured over New Coal Power Projects (Radio Free Asia, 9/11/20)

Declassified cables show US assurances of arms sales to Taiwan (Nikkei, 9/1/20)

Time for South Korea to Build Nuclear Submarines? (National Interest, 8/22/20)

The Future of China: How Beijing has Shown the Rest of the World It Will Play by Its Own Rules (Telegraph, 8/13/20)

Why Isn’t the World Doing More to Help the Uighurs? (BBC, 7/30/20)

Coronavirus Crisis Accelerates China’s Grab For Power, Influence In Central Asia – Analysis (Eurasia Review, 7/27/20)

China Cancels Coal Reports amid Economic Doubts (Radio Free Asia, 7/24/20)

U.S. Officials Now Call Xi Jinping ‘General Secretary’ Instead of China’s ‘President’ – but Why? (South China Morning Post, 6/25/20)

Partial Disengagement Based on Democratic Characteristics: A New Era of U.S.-China Economic Relations (The Hill, 6/24/20)

US v China: Is This the Start of a New Cold War? (Guardian, 6/22/20)

For America and China, Breaking Up Is Hard To Do (Seattle Times, 5/22/20)

“Wolf Warrior” Ashley J. Tellis Discusses His Recent Article for the National Bureau of Asian Research— “COVID-19 Knocks on American Hegemony. (The American Interest, 5/15/20)

“Wolf Warrior” Diplomats Reveal China’s ambitions (Financial Times, 5/11/20)

As China and U.S. Trade Barbs, Washington Nudges ASEAN Nations on South China Sea (VOA Cambodia, 4/29/20)

China Is Overreaching in Bid for Greater Global Influence amid Coronavirus Pandemic, U.S. Advisers Say (South China Morning Post, 4/28/20)

1 Big Thing: With Global Leadership at Stake, China and U.S. both Fumble (Axios, 4/15/2020)

EU-China Summit: What Really Happened? (Deutsche Welle, 4/6/20)

South Korea’s 5G Ambitions (Korean Economic Institute of America, 3/23/20)

Opportunity for the U.S. to Show Global Leadership (Straits Times, 3/18/20)

One of China’s Most Ambitious Projects becomes a Corridor to Nowhere (Economic Times, 3/3/20)

Beijing Is Challenging Global “Rules.” But Some Are Pushing Back (Christian Science Monitor, 3/2/20)

China’s Epidemic Drives Dilemma for Energy Deliveries – Analysis (Eurasia Review, 2/15/2020)

Student “Killing Time” in Belmont after Coronavirus Prompts China Exit (Shelby Star, 2/14/2020)

Coronavirus Puts a Bump in China’s Belt and Road Investment Plan (South China Morning Post, 2/10/2020)

Coronavirus: OPEC-Russia Consider Emergency Meeting to Cut Supply in Response to Anemic Chinese Demand (Marketplace, 2/3/2020)

Coronavirus Scare Highlights Challenges in U.S.-China Supply Chain (Modern Healthcare, 2/1/2020)

U.S. Ready for “Late Christmas Gift” from North (Korea Joongang Daily, 2/1/2020)

China’s Energy Options Narrow As Mideast Risks Rise – Analysis (Radio Free Asia, 1/13/2020)

American Scholar Praises Taiwan’s Vote Counting System (Taiwan News, 1/12/2020)

The Costs of China’s Belt and Road Expansion (Atlantic, 1/9/2020)

The Glaring Omission in Kim Jong Un’s Plenary Speech (Diplomat, 1/7/2020)

China vs. U.S.A. (Patriot Ledger, 12/23/2019)

American Allies “needed for targeted decoupling from China” (South China Morning Post, 12/23/2019)

China’s Central Asian Plans Are Unnerving Moscow (Foreign Policy, 12/23/2019)

Beijing Aims to Use ‘Belt and Road’ Project to Achieve Dominance in Space and Cyberspacec (Epoch Times, 12/11/2019)

TV Still Influential in Taiwan Election Campaign: U.S. Academic (Taiwan News, 12/4/2019)

Hong Kong Set to Record Its First Budget Deficit in 15 Years (Republic, 12/2/2019)

China Pushing Trump to Remove More Tariffs in ‘Phase One‘ Trade Deal (Daily Stock Dish, 11/30/2019)

China Hopes Trump Will Be Reelected: He’s “Easy to Read” (Washington Post, 11/26/2019)

Five Things to Know about China’s Promised Crackdown on Intellectual-Property Theft (MarketWatch, 11/25/2019)

U.S.-China Trade War: Beijing Pushes Washington for Tariff Cuts (Republic World, 11/15/2019)

China’s Great Pork Shortage: Why It Could Cost Beijing (Christian Science Monitor, 11/13/2019)

DOD Focuses on China’s Growing Military Capability (U.S. Department of Defense, 11/13/2019)

U.S. Customs Officials Seize Millions Worth of Counterfeit Purses from China (Epoch Times, 11/11/2019)

U.S. Should Partially Disengage with China to Counter Threats: Think Tank (Epoch Times, 11/7/2019)

U.S. Needs Allies in Fight against China: Report (Journal Pioneer, 11/5/2019)

The Canadian Dollar Today – Will The CAD Dollar Rise on A U.S.-China Trade Deal? (Exchange Rates UK, 11/5/2019)

China Presses Trump to Remove More Tariffs in ‘Phase One’ Trade Deal (CNBC, 11/4/2019)

U.S. Needs Allies in Fight against China: Report (Reuters, 11/4/2019)

While Trump Builds Tariff Walls, Asia Bets on Free Trade (Foreign Policy, 11/1/2019)

Laos Villagers Give $6.7bn Belt and Road Railway a Hostile Reception (Financial Times, 11/30/2019)

China’s Energy Risks Rise With Iran Sanctions (Radio Free Asia, 10/21/19)

The Next Phase of the Belt and Road (Rules Based Audio, 10/8/19)

China Inflates Shale Gas Forecast as Risks Mount (Radio Free Asia, 9/30/19)

Betting On American Stocks Has Borne Fruit, No Reason to Switch – Goldman Sachs (Wealth Briefing Asia, 9/11/19)

For Washington, Russian And China Tech Spies Suddenly Everywhere (Forbes, 9/10/19)

Interview with Roy Kamphausen (U.S.-China Dialogue Podcast, 9/10/2019)

Are the U.S. and China Headed for a Cold War? (NPR, 9/9/2019)

Pentagon Sees Security Threat in China’s Drug-Supply Dominance (Bloomberg, 8/5/2019)

China to Impose Sanctions on U.S. Firms in Taiwan Arms Sale (Naharnet, 7/12/2019)

China Wants To Expand Its Footprint In Indonesia, Which Could Marginalize U.S. Influence (WBUR, 7/11/2019)

China’s Risks Rise With Threats to Gulf Oil (Radio Free Asia, 7/1/2019)

Senator Proposes Routine U.S. Arms Sales to Taiwan Once Every Two Years (Taiwan News, 6/20/2019)

U.S. Senator: Chinese Families Are Threatened by Beijing If Their U.S.-Educated Child Doesn’t Bring Back Stolen IP (Epoch Times, 6/20/2019)

Growing Sino-Russian Academic Ties (Inside Higher Ed, 6/20/2019)

U.S. Offers To Help Taiwan Counter Chinese Meddling Ahead of 2020 Elections (Taiwan News, 6/19/2019)

U.S.-China Trade War Limits Seoul’s Ability to Advance Nuke Talks (SpaceNews, 6/9/2019)

Ex-Im Bank Advocates Push for 10-year Authorizations (SpaceNews, 6/7/2019)

Learning to Embrace an Unequal Alliance (Tokyo Review, 6/7/2019)

China’s Military Base in Tajikistan: What Does It Mean? (Times of Central Asia, 4/24/2019)

Getting Back to Basics on Subsidies: A First Step for U.S.-China Trade Talks (War on the Rocks, 4/18/2019)

Taiwan Should Increase Military Cooperation with Japan: U.S. Expert (Taiwan News, 4/16/2019)

China and Russia Are Not Breaking Up Anytime Soon (Washington Post, 4/3/2019)

Italy, China Deepen Ties under Wary Eyes of U.S., EU (PBS News Hour, 3/22/2019)

Jaw-Jaw: Aaron Friedberg on Asking the Right Questions About Chinese Ambitions (War on the Rocks, 3/19/2019)

China Revives Oil And Gas Reform Plan (Radio Free Asia, 3/11/2019)

Balakot, Deterrence, and Risk: How This India-Pakistan Crisis Will Shape the Next (War on the Rocks, 3/11/2019)

Majlis Podcast: China’s Security Interests in Central Asia (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, 2/24/2019)

Trump, Chinese Vice Premier Extend Trade Talks (Citizen Digital, 2/23/2019)

The Waning Importance of the March 1 China Deadline (Politico, 2/20/2019)

U.S. Supports Taiwan Self-Defense Capability: Schriver (Focus Taiwan, 2/8/2019)

Taiwan Thanks U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense Randall Schriver (Taiwan News, 2/8/2019)

The Messy Technological Roots of the U.S. Trade War with China (KUNC, 2/6/2019)

Strategic Policy Grants Boosting Australia’s National Security (Mirage News, 2/1/2019)

Australia Department of Defence Awards Strategic Policy Grants (Army Technology, 2/1/2019)

Trump’s China Negotiations: Experts Say More Needs to Be Done to Protect IP Theft, Could Take Years (Fox News, 1/29/2019)

China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Does It Pose a Threat to the West? (CQ Researcher, 1/25/2019)

China, Russia Keen on Progressive Relations Gets India Concerned (Eurasian Times, 1/16/2019)

Healthcare Laboratory Informatics Market Will Surge at 8% CAGR to Hit $2.2 Bn by 2024: Global Market Insights, Inc. (Global Market Insights, 1/15/2019)

China Pressured on Intellectual Property Theft (Radio Free Asia, 1/15/2019)

China Pushes LNG Imports to the Limit (Radio Free Asia, 1/14/2019)

Why the U.S.-China Dispute Is about So Much More than a Trade Imbalance (South China Morning Post, 1/13/2019)

The Open Society and Its Enemies in South Korea: From Right Authoritarianism — to Left? (American Enterprise Institute, 12/11/2018)

Put Human Rights Back on the Negotiating Table with North Korea (The Daily Signal, 12/11/2019)

Asia Buoys Iran as U.S. Sanctions Hit (Al-Monitor, 12/4/2018)

U.S. Should Have Low Expectations for Trade Deal with China: Rich Ellings (Fox Business Videos, 12/3/2018)

The Finance 202: China Hawks Applaud Choice of Lighthizer to Lead Trade Negotiations (Washington Post, 12/4/2018)

The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue Meets in Singapore (Asia Times, 11/18/2018)

Trump’s Trade War Is Making Russia and China Comrades Again (Bloomberg, 11/5/2018)

Korean Peninsula Security Concerns (C-SPAN, 10/29/2018)

China’s Melting Glacier Brings Visitors, Adds to Climate Concerns (VOA News, 10/28/2018)

Melting Glacier in China Draws Tourists, Climate Worries (Fox News, 10/21/2018)

“Strategic competition” with China—Necessary but not sufficient (Brookings Institution, 10/19/2018)

A Dithering Obama Emboldened China (Asia Times, 10/8/2018)

How India’s Rise Can Complement U.S. Strategy (Lawfare, 10/7/2018)

US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement Targets China’s Bad Practices (Epoch Times, 10/4/2018)

China’s Great Leap Forward in Biotech (Nikkei Asian Review, 10/3/2018)

Why China Is Pulling Ahead in Biotech? (Nikkei Asian Review, 10/3/2018)

China Using Bilateral Ties to Block ASEAN from Acting on Sea Row – Report (PhiliStar Global, 10/3/2018)

Chinese Warship Passed Dangerously Close to American Destroyer during South China Sea Patrol (The Drive, 10/1/2018)

When Will Closer China-Russia Cooperation Impact US Policy Debate? (Diplomat, 9/14/2018)

The Belt and Road in Europe: 5 Years Later (Diplomat, 9/1/2018)

China’s Empire of Money Is Reshaping Global Trade (Bloomberg News, 8/1/2018)

Time to Empower Japan’s Chief Medical Officer (Japan Times, 7/31/2018)

How China Conducts “Comprehensive Coercion” of Cations (Macrobusiness, 7/4/2018)

Why They Fight: US and China Brawl over High Technology (WSPA, 7/3/2018)

The Choco Pie Dividend: South Korean Firms are Drooling at the Prospect of Business in the North (Washington Post, 6/17/2018)

Using Uncertainty as Leverage: India’s Security Competition with China (War on the Rocks, 6/18/2018)China Crimps Energy Supplies Amid Shortages (Radio Free Asia, 6/11/2108)

Arm Selling Chinese Business to Local Investors: Report (Fierce Wireless, 6/5/2018)

U.S. Sizes Up North Korean Leader ahead of Summit (Independent, 6/1/2018)

U.S. Sizes Up Kim ahead of Possible Nuclear Summit (CNN, 5/31/2018)

China’s regional ambitions reshaping India’s foreign policy (Asia Times, 5/9/2018)

The National Defense Authorization Act and US policy toward Taiwan (American Enterprise Institute, 5/7/2018)

China Scrambles to Fix Winter Gas Problems (Radio Free Asia, 5/7/2018)

The Finance 202: Trump team faces long odds for trade breakthrough in Beijing (Washington Post, 5/3/2018)

Nadège Rolland on the Potential Backlash against the Belt and Road Initiative (4/9/2018, Claremont McKenna College Asia Experts Forum)

Defence Primer 2018: An Indian Military in Transformation? (Observer Research Foundation, 4/6/2018)

The odd man in: contemplating Australian membership of ASEAN (Strategist, 4/4/2018)

What They Are Saying: Support For President Donald J. Trump’s Section 301 Trade Actions (White House Statement, 3/23/2018)

Trump’s China Tariffs Aren’t Crazy (Yahoo Finance, 3/22/2018)

Is Trump’s Get-Tough Approach With China Working? (Foreign Policy, 3/21/2018)

The Meaning of Mr. Trump’s Import Tariffs (FXstreet,3/19/2018)

Marc Thiessen: North Korea: The one big thing Trump needs to be clear about when he meets with Kim (Fox News, 3/16/2018)

Trump to Combat Movie Piracy by China, Saving the U.S. Economy $600B Annually (Fox Business, 3/15/2018)

Trump Is Considering a Move That Could Set Off ‘the next great crisis’ with China (SFgate, 3/13/2018)

Chinese Views on the 2018 Nuclear Posture Review, and Their Implications (China Brief, 3/12/2018)

Taiwan’s Pivot to Southeast Asia (ASEAN Post, 3/6/2018)

Vietnam seeks to pacify China as landmark U.S. carrier visit signals warming ties (EuroNews, 3/4/2018)

Beijing’s Vision for a Reshaped International Order (China Brief, 2/26/2018)

China Eyes Arctic For Polar Silk Road (Radio Free Asia, 2/12/2018)

Is the Belt and Road Anti-Democratic? (ChinaFile, 2/5/2018)

China’s Belt and Road Initiative: What Does It All Mean? (Global Trade Magazine, 1/30/2017)

China Builds Bridges and Highways While the U.S. Mouths Slogans (Wall Street Journal, 1/30/2018)

Examining China’s Community of Destiny” (Power 3.0, 1/23/2018)

The Method in North Korea’s Madness: A Monstrous Regime’s Rational Statecraft (Commentary Magazine, 1/16/2018)

Indonesia: Strategic Threat or Strategic Partner? (Strategist, 1/17/2018)

Yes, North Korea Could Drive a Wedge between the U.S. and South Korea (Washington Post, 1/12/2018)

A Turning Point in U.S. Economic Relations with China (Interpreter, 1/8/2018)

Three Surprising Things about the North Korean Threat I Learned on a Recent Trip to South Korea (AEI Ideas, 1/2/2018)

Konflikt | Den kinesiska drömmen på export (Exporting the Chinese Dream) (Sveriges Radio, 12/9/2017)

Post-Soviet States Feel Lure of (Chinese) Socialism (Interpreter, 12/6/2017)

China’s Oil Import Dependence Climbs as Output Falls (Radio Free Asia, 12/4/2017)

Real Questions Persist about Pakistan’s Ability to Repay CPEC Loans: Report (Express Tribune, 11/30/2017)

With Cash and Perks, China Woos the Brightest Tech Minds (Nikkei Asian Review, 11/30/2017)

L’Europe centrale et orientale, tête de pont de la Chine sur le Vieux Continent (Le Monde, 11/28/2017)

China’s Belt and Road Project “More Than What Meets the Eye”: US Lawmakers (NDTV, 11/21/2017)

President Trump Declares North Korea a State Sponsor of Terrorism (KING 5, 11/20/2017)

Trump’s Right to Stir Up World Trade (Times, 11/19/2017)

There Is Nothing ‘Free’ About Our Trade With China (Weekly Standard, 11/13/2017)

Abroad, Intellectual Property Rights Are Under Assault (Washington Examiner, 11/7/2017)U.S., China May Collide over Electric Cars (Radio Free Asia, 10/31/2017)

China Sells Socialism to the Developing World (Diplomat, 10/28/2017)

The NAFTA Round to End All NAFTA Rounds?
(Politico Morning Trade, 10/11/2017)

U.S. Firms Cheer—and Fear—Trump’s China Trade Probe (Wall Street Journal, 10/10/2017)

Some U.S. Businesses Urge Caution in China Intellectual Property Trade Push (CNBC, 10/10/2017)

Apple and IBM among US Tech Giants to Blame Chinese Regulations for Breaching Intellectual Property Rights (South China Morning Post, 10/10/17)

USTR Holds Dual China, Russia Hearings Today (Politico Trade, 10/10/17)

Trump Is Warned His Intellectual-Property Probe Risks a Trade War With China (Bloomberg, 10/10/17)

Section 301: US investigates allegations of forced technology transfers to China (East Asia Forum, 10/3/2017)

Hit by Chinese Hackers Seeking Industrial Secrets, German Manufacturers Play Defense (Fox News, 9/23/2017)

Trump’s China Visit Will Help Avoid ‘trade war, currency war or whatever war’ Chinese Ambassador Says (South China Morning Post, 9/21/2017)

Newsroom Investigation: National MP Trained by Chinese Spies (Newsroom, 9/13/2017)

Retired JBLM Commander on Rising Tensions with North Korea (King 5 News, 9/2/2017)

South Korea’s Greatest Fear (and It Isn’t a North Korean Invasion) (National Interest, 8/31/2017)

What Comes Next for Korea’s Top Firms After Samsung Heir Convicted (Bloomberg News, 8/28/2017)

China Fights Smog as Communist Party Congress Nears (Radio Free Asia, 8/21/2017)

Trump Takes Action on Unfair Chinese Trade Practices (Epoch Times, 8/17/2017)

Top U.S. General Breaks Bread With Chinese Soldiers on North Korea’s Doorstep (Wall Street Journal, 8/16/2017)

WTAS: Praise President Donald J. Trump’s Memorandum on Chinese Trade Practices (The White House Office of the Press Secretary, 8/14/2017)

China’s economic problems are exactly why its global influence is expanding (CNBC, 8/11/2017)

Trump’s Planned Trade Probe Puts Beijing in the Hot Seat (Politico, 8/3/2017)

Expert: Beijing’s Belt and Road Plan Is about Building a New Chinese-Led Order for the 21st Century (USNI News, 8/3/2017)

Trump’s Move on China Counterfeiting, Piracy Aimed at Protecting U.S. Jobs (USA Today, 8/3/2017)

Biotechnology: The U.S.-China Dispute over Genetic Data (Financial Times, 8/2/2017)

Expert: Major Cities Including Seattle in Range of North Korea Missile (7/28/2017)

U.S. Must Act Now to Stop Iranian ICBM Development and Testing (Iran Focus, 7/23/2017)

Call for U.S. and India to Build Stronger Defence Industrial Ties (IHS Jane’s 360, 6/27/2017)

Why Does China Want to Revive the Silk Road? (BBC World Service, 6/22/2017)

China Pushes Belt And Road Despite Domestic Concerns – Analysis (Eurasia Review, 6/20/2017)

Chinese Cash Blunts Europe’s Criticism of Beijing’s Human-Rights Record (Wall Street Journal, 6/19/2017)

Why the Belt & Road Initiative? (Indian National Interest, 6/8/2017)

Saying No to Beijing’s US$1 Trillion Belt and Road Promise (The News Lens, 6/8/2017)

All aboard the Belt and Road Initiative? Not so fast… (Lowy Institute, 6/7/2017)

Fitting Into Beijing’s New World Order (Wall Street Journal, 5/30/2017)

Retaliation Nation: The case for a don’t-tread-on-me trade policy (Weekly Standard, 5/29/2017)

US patrol sends signal to Beijing’s claims in South China Sea – but how strong? (Christian Science Monitor, 5/25/2017)

Melody Meyer elected to BP board (The Financial, May 19, 2017)

South Korea’s Moon Seen Bringing ‘Inflection Point’ in Korean Peninsula Diplomacy (Radio Free Asia, 5/9/2017)

Is a second Korean War imminent? (Deutsche Welle, 4/27/2017)

Is Seattle a target for a North Korean nuclear attack? Well, not quite yet, insiders say (Seattle Times, 4/26/2017)

Protect intellectual property rights on World IP Day – and every day (The Hill, 4/23/2017)

Unpredictable Trump unsettles China as N. Korea policy wobbles (AFP, 4/14/2017)

Seattle the ‘ultimate target’ for North Korea nuclear bomb, expert says (Q13 Fox News, 4/14/2017)

China’s “Belt and Road Initiative”: Underwhelming or Game-Changer? (Washington Quarterly, 4/12/2017)

Trump Nominates 2 South Asians to Administration Posts (NBC News, 4/11/2017)

China can’t live with a unified Korean Peninsula with US at their doorstep (Radio Sputnik, 4/5/2017)

Team Trump: The serious gaps in Koreas portfolio (NKnews, 3/31/2017)

Bilateral trade talks with Trump could prove costly for Abe at home (South China Morning Post, 2/11/2017)

China Ignores Risks as Oil Imports Rise (Radio Free Asia, 2/6/2017)

Will Tillerson back up tough talk on the South China Sea? (DW, 2/2/2017)

US alliances in East Asia are weathering Trump’s first days (DW, 2/1/2017)

Donald Trump’s strategy may dampen Indo-US ties: Ashley Tellis (Economic Times, 1/21/2017)

Asian Risks Respond to Energy Shifts (Radio Free Asia, 1/9/2017)

Ashley Tellis could be Donald Trump’s man in New Delhi, but how much do you know about the Mumbai lad? (International Business Times, 1/8/2017)

Would North Korea ever nuke Seattle? (KUOW.org, 1/5/2016)

Taiwan calling – Trump’s first signal to China (Deutsche Welle, 12/12/2016)

Trade Secret Protection Under President-Elect Trump (Mondaq, 11/18/2016)

China-US Ties May Bring Unexpected Yield under Trump (Sputnik News, 11/19/2016)

World Insight 11/07/2016 Interpretation of HKSAR Basic Law; Interview with Roy Kamphausen (CCTV News, 11/7/2016)

German Delegation Lands in Beijing Amid Spat Over Deals (Wall Street Journal, 11/1/2016)

The Big Story: Interview with Roy Kamphausen (Bloomberg TV Philippines, 10/26/2016)

US on edge over new powder keg in the South China Sea (CNBC, 10/21/2016)

Peace possible between US, China (The Daily Evergreen, 10/19/2016)

Japan’s Naval Chief Rules Out Joint-US Freedom of Navigation Patrols (Voice of America, 9/29/2016)

Brazilian admiral: Work continues on carrier Sao Paulo (IHS Jane’s 360, 9/28/2016)

Ex-CSIS official backs Canada’s attempt to get cyber promise from China (IT World Canada, 9/28/2016)

Navy Leaders Face Common Challenges in Face of Aggressive China (Seapower, 9/26/2016)

Amid Tensions, Japan Navy Chief Wants Exchanges with China (Associated Press, 9/26/2016)

To curb North Korea’s nuclear program, follow the money (The Conversation, 9/20/16)

Rule of Three (Duke Chronicle, 9/12/2016)

The government is unprepared for a cyber attack (CNBC, 9/9/2016)

BP Deepens Shale Ties with China (Oil & Gas 360, 9/1/2016)

Damjan DeNoble – Why Chinese drugmakers are looking overseas (Nikkei Asian Review, 8/31/2016)

To Protect U.S. National Security Interests, More Should Be Done to Combat International Financial Crime (International Affairs Review, 8/30/2016)

Ashley Tellis Among Members of Hillary for America’s ‘Together for America’ Coalition (India West, 8/25/2016)

Former Top Navy Official Expresses Worries over East China Sea, Potential for Conflict Higher than South China Sea (Japanese language) (Jiji Dot Com News, 8/24/2016)

Challenges Seen In Asian Nuclear “Multipolarity” (Aviation Week, 8/16/2016)

Could a Clinton administration pass the Trans-Pacific Partnership? (Christian Science Monitor, 7/22/2016)

PLA reforms short-term boon for Taiwan: expert (Taipei Times, 7/21/2016)

Energy Security in the Asia Pacific (Channel News Asia, 7/20/2016)

Chine Méridionale: bras de fer pour un bras de mer [Arm Wrestling in the South China Sea] (French Language) (Libération, 7/8/2016)

The United States and China Can Get Along in the South China Sea (War on the Rocks, 7/6/2016)

U.S. Experts: It is difficult to imagine nuclear escalation between the United States and China over the Nansha and Diaoyu Islands (Chinese Language) (China Review News, 7/1/2016)If the Regional Security Environment Remains Unclear, South Korea and Japan May Turn to Developing Their Own Nuclear Arsenals Despite Growing U.S. Concerns (Korean Language) (Munhwa, 6/30/2016)

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N. Korea announces execution of leader’s ‘traitor’ uncle (AFP, 12/13/2013)

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Former Obama adviser Blair pushes diplomatic benefit of LNG exports (Platts, 4/5/2013)

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Canada’s close ties with Asia of little concern to United States (The Vancouver Sun, 4/3/2013)

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Self-sufficiency will open doors in Asia-Pacific region (The Vancouver Sun, 4/1/2013)

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DIIFSD’s two day dialogue exchange on marriage and fertility in Arab world concludes with successful outcomes (AMEinfo.com, 1/29/2013)

On the Rack” China Brief (The Peking Review, 12/24/2012)

Partnering Across the Pacific: How a U.S.-Japan partnership can provide pharma potential (Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, 12/17/2012)

Google goes shopping for The Next Big Thing, finds the cupboard bare thanks to US patent law (Quartz, 12/4/2012)Expert tells Alaska to get moving on pipeline if it wants to sell gas to Asia (Alaska Dispatch, 11/29/2012)

Asean: Soma, Exotica (Maylaya Business News, 11/22/2012)

U.S. Rethinks Security As Mideast Oil Imports Drop (NPR, 11/16/2012)

Taking tea with China is a natural appointment
(Gulf News, 11/3/2012)

Still-Vigorous Asian Budgets Focus on Naval, Air Forces (Defense News, 10/24/2012)

Analysis – Canada’s tough stance on foreign buyers won’t cut oil growth (Reuters, 10/24/2012)

Rising East Asian oil, gas demand poses US policy questions (Oil & Gas Journal, 10/8/2012)

US should move quickly to export LNG, experts say (Oil & Gas Journal, 10/8/2012)

U.S. Marines complete Australian tour (UPI, 10/5/2012)

US Deputy Secretary Defence Carter: “By 2020, we will have shifted 60 percent of our naval assets to the Pacific” (Shanghaiist, 10/4/2012)

Pentagon has resources to implement Asia strategy: Carter
(560WGAN News Radio, October 3, 2012)

Energy independence? For the U.S., it’s a pipe dream (Marketplace, October 3, 2012)

Energy Use Slides (Radio Free Asia, October 1, 2012)

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Navy uses humanitarian aid to build relationships, boost US image in Asia-Pacific region (Minneapolis Star Tribune, 9/12/2012)

RI to strengthen public-private health partnership (The Jakarta Post, 9/4/2012)

Islands dispute rocks diplomatic relations between Japan and China (The Irish Times, 8/25/2012)

Nexen buy could aid CNOOC’s S. China Sea push (Upstream, 8/6/2012)

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Guam briefing held on Capitol Hill (KUAM News, 6/30/2012)

UPDATE: Bordallo outlines vision of economic development and defense strategy on Capitol Hill (Pacific Daily News, 6/30/2012)

Q&A: The Culture of Medicine Runs on People Power, Not Tech (The Atlantic, 6/27/2012)

The WHO Dealmakers: Sending Vaccine Technology To The Third World
(Asian Scientist, 6/27/2012)

Analysis: Healthcare sees emerging future in frugal innovation (Reuters, 6/20/2012)

Exploring disruptive innovations in health care: High impact networking and ideas exchange at the Pacific Health Summit (Center for Health Market Innovations, 6/19/2012)

New hope for women who need protection from HIV (The Guardian, 6/13/2012)

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Thailand-US move to strengthen alliance (Bangkok Post, 6/8/2012)

Bo Xilai Just a Sideshow (China Business Watch, 4/27/2012)

Bo scandal ‘good’ for China, expert says (CNN, 4/23/2012)

US expert poses ‘dramatic question’ about Taiwan (Taipei Times, 4/20/2012)

What we know and don’t know about Bo
(Foreign Policy, 4/19/2012)

China Detains Allies of Ousted Official (The New York Times, 4/19/2012)

US experts say Taiwan a vital interest (Taipei Times, 4/19/2012)

U.S. will maintain ties with Taiwan, pivot toward Asia: scholars
(Focus Taiwan, 4/18/2012)

US, EU, Japan File WTO Complaint Against China Over Rare Earth Exports (International Business Times, 3/13/2012)

The Maldives are in political upheaval. Why do we care?
(Los Angeles Times, 2/10/2012)

India’s human wealth (The Pioneer, 1/5/2012)

Vietnam, China agree to boost ties (Thanhnien News, 12/22/2011)

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(Bloomberg, 8/26/2011)

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Coming soon: An improved, noiseless female condom by Esther Nakkazi, 2011 Pacific Health Summit participant
(The East African, 7/24/2011)

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Haiti Refused Cholera Vaccine, Chief Says (Financial Times, 7/10/2011)

Made in China, Protected in Africa (Mail & Guardian – South Africa, 7/1/2011)

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Merck’s Julie Gerberding, Former CDC Director, on the Future of Vaccines (Xconomy, 6/24/2011)

Microsoft Looks to Business Tools for Health Care (PCWorld, 6/23/2011)

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Remarks by Ambassador Ron Kirk to the National Bureau of Asian Research (USTR Press Office, 3/30/11)

US puts Japan trade push on back burner (AFP, 3/30/11)

US-China wind turbine talks “very productive” – USTR (Reuters, 3/30/11)

PLN to spend $15b to build gas-fired power plants (The Jakarta Post, 2/24/11)

RI to import 4.5m tons of LNG starting in 2013 (The Jakarta Post, 2/24/11)

2013, Indonesia Impor 4,5 Juta Ton Gas Alam per Tahun (MediaIndonesia.com, 2/24/11)

Indonesia’s domestic gas price should give fair return: BPMigas (Platts, 2/23/11)

Domestic gas supply scarce despite huge reserves (The Jakarta Post, 2/22/11)

High oil prices pose serious risk to global recovery: Birol (Platts, 2/22/11)

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Asia Kendalikan Pasar Gas Dunia (TEMPO interaktif, 2/22/11)

PLA drive targets Taiwan: US study (Taipei Times, 1/8/11)

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Defending Korea Line Seen Contrary to Law by Kissinger Remains U.S. Policy (Bloomberg News, 12/16/10)

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India-U.S. to build strong, strategic defence ties: report
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TB Anywhere is TB Everywhere! (Seattle PI, 6/18/09)

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(Xconomy, 6/18/09)

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Companies work together on TB drugs (Seattle Times 6/18/09)

Deadly and Stubborn, TB Threat Rises (KPLU, 6/17/2009)

Sanofi to donate 100 million flu shots to WHO (Reuters, 6/17/09)

Accelerated Development of New Treatment for Multi Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis: TB Alliance and Tibotec Announce Unique Partnership to Develop TMC207 (Earthtimes 6/17/09)

Sanofi-Aventis Donates 100 Million Flu Vaccine Doses to WHO at Seattle Summit (Xconomy 6/17/09)

Johnson & Johnson, TB Alliance Form Partnership to Push New TB Drug Through Clinic (Xconomy 6/17/09)

Unique Collaboration Between TB Alliance and Tibotec To Accelerate Tuberculosis Drug Development (RX Times 6/17/09)

BD and FIND Achieve Milestone in Global Battle Against MDR-TB (PR Newswire 6/17/09)

Sanofi-Aventis Donating Swine Flu Vaccine To WHO (Manufacturing.net 6/17/09)

WHO welcomes sanofi-aventis’s donation of vaccine (World Health Organization 6/17/09)

Global health leaders gather for Seattle TB summit (Bellingham Herald 6/17/09)

Global-health stars converge on Seattle (The Seattle Times, 6/17/09)

Sanofi-Pasteur to Donate 100 Million Doses of Influenza H1N1 Vaccine to WHO (eNews Park Forest 6/17/09)

Seattle’s Pacific Health Summit, the “Davos” of Global Health, Zeroes in on Tuberculosis (Xconomy 6/16/09)

Also In Global Health News: Major Gatherings In Seattle (Medical News Today 6/16/09)

Sanofi Global Health Luminaries Descending on Seattle (KPLU Local News, 6/15/09)

Tuberculosis remains a threat in a global health city (Seattle Times, 6/15/09)

Asian think tank foresees a higher profile with new Seattle headquarters (Puget Sound Business Journal 6/12/09)

Renowned Global Health Figure Dr. Paul Farmer at UW Campus June 18 (Seattle Times 6/11/09)

Africa: U.S. Global Partnerships Key in Fighting Drug-Resistant TB (AllAfrica.com, 6/9/09)

And for Seattle’s next ‘World’s Fair,’…Puget Sound boosters are proposing to launch an annual Global Health Celebration in 2012 to re-brand Seattle for the new century (Crosscut, 6/5/09)

Washington Post Urges Regime to Free Suu Kyi’s Doctor (The Irrawaddy 5/13/09)

(Los Angeles Times, 4/26/20121)

Making Friends with Tyrants (The Irrawaddy 4/20/09)

Drunken Nation: Russia’s Depopulation Bomb (World Affairs Journal 4/20/09)

The CCP’s economic coercion to Taiwan and Australia Bo Ming calls for countermeasures with “Economic NATO” (Epoch Times, 4/16/21)

Taiwan’s pineapple becomes a victim of China’s economic bullying, US officials call for an “Economic NATO” countermeasure (Newtalk, 4/16/21)

Taiwan’s pineapple becomes a victim of China’s economic bullying, US officials call for an “Economic NATO” countermeasure (Newtalk, 4/16/21)

Taiwan’s pineapple becomes a victim of China’s economic bullying, US officials call for an “Economic NATO” countermeasure (Newtalk, 4/16/21)

US wants common Myanmar strategy with Asia (AFP 4/1/09)

特稿/美「中」在亞太地區的競合形勢 (China Defense News 3/18/09)