U.S.-South Korea Energy Cooperation

Getting to a Cleaner Energy Mix

On February 19, 2016, NBR and the Center for Energy Governance and Security of Hanyang University co-convened a high-level roundtable on “U.S.-South Korea Energy Cooperation: Getting to a Cleaner Energy Mix.” This event featured presentations on energy and environmental strategies in the United States and South Korea by senior experts from both countries.



Tom Cutler, President, Cutler International, LLC

Clara Gillispie, Director, Trade, Economic, and Energy Affairs, NBR

Younkyoo Kim, Director, Center for Energy Governance and Security, Hanyang University

Eunjung Lim, Lecturer, Korea Studies, Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies


Both the United States and South Korea have articulated strong commitments to cleaner energy strategies. Shared aspirations include stronger carbon markets as well as the advancement of low-carbon sources and more efficient technologies. However, specific tactics and tools deployed have varied between these two close partners.

South Korea’s recent national energy plan cites a drive to increase the share of natural gas, nuclear energy, and other cleaner energy sources. In addition, numerous players in South Korea have expressed interest in strengthening coal trade to diversify energy options. The United States, facing substantial transitions in supply and consumption outlooks, is focused on strengthening fuel mixes and improving infrastructure to better accommodate low-carbon targets.

Energy cooperation between the two countries provides opportunities for strengthening regional trade, the alliance, and clean energy development. This roundtable will address these ample opportunities for U.S.-South Korea cooperation on shared goals of energy and climate security.


Agenda and Speaker Bios