Chinese Foreign Policy at the 60th Anniversary of the PRC

October 1, 2009, marked the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Over the past sixty years China has undergone profound economic, political, and social changes. As the country sets its sights to the future and becomes an influential—if not yet shaping—presence on the world stage, numerous questions regarding its foreign policy priorities persist.

In order to explore these issues, the Pyle Center for Northeast Asian Studies at the National Bureau of Asian Research and the Center for Chinese Foreign Policy Studies at Fudan University’s Institute of International Studies organized a workshop in Shanghai, China, on October 20–22, 2009. The conference brought together scholars and participants from China and the United States to assess plausible Chinese foreign policy trends both in defense and security policy and in economic and trade policy. Select papers from the conference were featured in Asia Policy (July 2010).

We were pleased to have the United States Ambassador to the PRC, The Honorable Jon Huntsman Jr. deliver a special address at the event.

Conference Participants

Allen Carlson, Cornell University

Cui Liru, China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations

Mark Frazier, The University of Oklahoma

Paul Godwin, National Defense University (ret.)

Guo Sujian, Institute of Advanced Studies, Fudan University

Hao Yufan, University of Macau

Linda Jakobson, Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

Roy Kamphausen, The National Bureau of Asian Research

Cheng Li, Brookings Institution

Liu Ming, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences

Ni Shixiong, Fudan University

Ren Xiao, Fudan University

Shen Dingli, Fudan University

David Shambaugh, The George Washington University

James Tang, University of Hong Kong

Travis Tanner, The National Bureau of Asian Research

Wang Guoxing, Pudong Institute for the U.S. Economy

Yang Xiyu, China Institute of International Studies

Yang Yi, PLA National Defense University

Zhu Liqun, China Foreign Affairs University