China’s Ambitions and Security Implications of the Belt and Road

In partnership with the Bush School DC, on June 2, 2021, NBR hosted a panel examining how Central Asia fits into China’s vision for a new world order, assessing China’s growing influence in the region through the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), and exploring how China seeks to secure its expanding interests.

Central Asia is one of the regions most impacted by China’s growing security and economic footprint. As China expands into Central Asia through BRI, it brings increasingly complex and involved measures to protect its interests and assert influence, including establishing a military facility in Tajikistan, increasing joint military exercises and training to local militaries, and supplying arms and security assistance.


Edward Lemon, Research Assistant Professor, Bush School DC
Zongyuan Zoe Liu, Instructional Assistant Professor, Bush School DC
Nadège Rolland, The National Bureau of Asian Research


Alison Szalwinski, The National Bureau of Asian Research

Special Introduction

Jay Silveria, Executive Director, Bush School DC