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Media and Mental Health: Breaking Down Stigma and Challenging Inaccuracies

What are the obstacles and opportunities surrounding effective reporting on mental health? As a follow-up to discussions with health journalists at the 2012 Pacific Health Summit, NBR spoke with Claire Blithell of the Science Media Centre, Edward Campion of the New England Journal of Medicine, Mohuya Chaudhuri of New Delhi Television, and Anso Thom of South Africa’s Health e-News Service to gather their insights on the role of media in raising awareness about mental health issues in developed and developing countries.

Read this Impact and Innovation report to learn:

  • What barriers to effective reporting on mental health exist, and why do they persist?
  • What are the repercussions of the deficit of media coverage on mental health issues?
  • How do stereotypes and stigmas obstruct communications surrounding mental health, and what role can the media play in breaking them down?
  • What will media attention on mental health over the next ten years look like?