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February 2017

Pacific Trilateralism: A New Narrative of Cooperation


This workshop report examines ongoing challenges and explores promising areas for the three countries to address emerging traditional and nontraditional threats.

June 2016

Approaching Critical Mass: Asia's Multipolar Nuclear Future

Matthew Kroenig


This report explores the dynamics of a multipolar nuclear order in Asia and assesses the implications for U.S. foreign and defense policy.

January 2016

Taiwan's Strong but Stifled Foundations of National Power

David Gitter and Robert Sutter


This report examines the key factors underpinning the size, nature, and resilience of national power in Taiwan and draws implications for cross-strait relations.

June 2015

Preparing for Future Disasters: Strategic Assistance and the U.S.-Japan Alliance

Thomas B. Fargo, Noboru Yamaguchi, Ryo Sahashi, Kei Koga and Alison Szalwinski


This NBR Special Report examines the challenges posed by major disasters in the Asia-Pacific and argues that the United States and Japan need to elevate humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to be a key component of their combined regional security strategy.

May 2015

What Role Will China Play in a New Energy Era?


Senior energy and geopolitical specialists examined China’s growing impact on world energy markets and strategies for engagement at a workshop held in Beijing. Read the workshop report.

April 2015

U.S., Japanese, and Asian Energy Security in a New Energy Era

Mikkal E. Herberg


This NBR Special Report examines major developments that are reshaping the Asia-Pacific’s energy security environment and offers recommendations for how the region can forge a new, more robust energy security architecture.

April 2015

Engaging the Opportunity of a New Energy Era


In this workshop report, senior energy and geopolitical specialists examine how the Asia-Pacific might strengthen regional cooperation on common energy challenges.

March 2015

Innovate in India: Global Perspectives on the Continuing Evolution of India's IP Policy

Roy Kamphausen


This report details India’s intellectual property (IP) and innovation policy environment and presents recommendations for how policymakers can enhance trading relationships through more robust IP protections.

December 2014

In from the Cold: U.S.-New Zealand Ties Returning to Normal

Murray Hiebert, Benjamin Schaare and Christopher Doyle


This NBR Special Report examines the dramatic thaw in U.S.–New Zealand relations in recent years and explores ways that the two countries can cooperate to boost security in the Asia-Pacific and strengthen trade and investment ties with other Pacific nations.

December 2014

Rival Regionalisms and Regional Order: A Slow Crisis of Legitimacy

Ellen L. Frost


This NBR Special Report analyzes the emergence of rival regionalisms in Asia and argues that recent economic and security developments threaten to fragment Asia’s institutional landscape, erode regional stability, and undermine Asian confidence in the legitimacy of the institutions and values underpinning the existing liberal economic order.

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