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Network of Experts

The core strength of NBR is its extensive and continually expanding network of specialists, policymakers, and business leaders. This network examines—in an independent, nonpartisan way—the economic, strategic, political, and social questions affecting U.S. relations with East, Central and South Asia and Russia.

Counselors, advisors, and associates also comprise NBR’s network of experts. These appointed senior and rising experts in the Asia-policy field provide support and guidance to NBR and its programs.


Slade Gorton

Counselor (in residence)

Joseph I. Lieberman


Ashley J. Tellis


Norm D. Dicks


Admiral Thomas B. Fargo,
U.S. Navy (Ret.)


Aaron L. Friedberg



John S. Park

Senior Advisor for Political
and Security Affairs

Travis Tanner

Senior Advisor

Claire Topal

Senior Advisor for
International Health

William B. Abnett

Senior Advisor

Nicholas Eberstadt

Senior Advisor

Mikkal E. Herberg

Research Director,
Energy Security Program

Meredith Miller

Senior Advisor


Benjamin Shobert

Senior Associate for International Health

Mahin Karim

Senior Associate for Political and Security Affairs


Julia Oh


Lee Sung-kyu

Joo Hun You


Deep Pal

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Featured Experts

Ashley J. Tellis
Strategic Asia Program Research Director

Strategic Asia Program Research Director Ashley J. Tellis maintains that Asia continues to encounter challenges in many areas despite economic advancement. He argues that an effective U.S. grand strategy is necessary to face the complex international environment in a time of globalization. Read the Policy Q&A Asia's Rise and U.S. Grand Strategy.

See the table of contents and list of contributors for Strategic Asia 2010-11: Asia Responds to Its Rising Powers—China and India (forthcoming September 2011.

Mikkal E. Herberg
Energy Security Program Director
Pacific Energy Summit Advisor

Mikkal E. Herberg, NBR’s research director for Asian energy security, explains the importance of natural gas in Asia and the challenges facing policymakers and energy resource developers in the Q&A The Role of Natural Gas the Asia-Pacific Energy Future.

Learn more about NBR's annual Energy Security Program and Pacific Energy Summit.