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Robert Zoellick on "The Big Questions China Still Has to Answer"

Hardly a day goes by without another commentary on China’s future global impact. World Bank President and former, long-time NBR director, Bob Zoellick, is taking a big step further in seeking to shape that future. He just spent some time in China on the Bank’s new initiative there. The ambitious project is described in his Financial Times op-ed "The big questions China still has to answer."

In a nutshell, the initiatiave focuses on finishing the task of switching to a market economy. In working with the Chinese on a long-range plan, the bank is suggesting practical steps for "redefining the role of the government and the rule of law, expanding the private sector..., and deepening reforms in the land, labour, and financial markets" and for China truly accepting "its global role" more commensurate with its economic accomplishments.

Read the full Financial Times op-ed:
"The big questions China still has to answer" (September 1, 2011)