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Turning to the Pacific: U.S. Strategic Rebalancing toward Asia

James B. Steinberg, Thomas B. Fargo, Aaron L. Friedberg, J. Stapleton Roy, David M. Lampton and Wallace "Chip" Gregson

This Asia Policy roundtable brings together experts and former policy practitioners to assess the opportunities and challenges arising from the United States' strategic rebalancing toward Asia and how the United States can best pursue its interests in the region.

2012—a Watershed Year for East Asia?
James B. Steinberg

The Military Side of Strategic Rebalancing
Thomas Fargo

The Next Phase of the “Contest for Supremacy” in Asia
Aaron L. Friedberg

Strategic Challenges for the U.S.-China Relationship
J. Stapleton Roy

China and the United States: Beyond Balance
David M. Lampton

Rebalancing U.S. Security Posture in Asia
Wallace “Chip” Gregson

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