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Chinese Foreign Policy and Domestic Decisionmaking

Xiao Ren, Travis Tanner, Allen Carlson, Cheng Li and Mark W. Frazier

Introduction: Sixty Years of Foreign Policy in the PRC
Xiao Ren & Travis Tanner

This introduction overviews the first 60 years of PRC foreign policy and then looks ahead at China’s role in the world moving into the next cycle.

An Unconventional Tack: Nontraditional Security Concerns and China’s "Rise"
Allen Carlson

This essay assesses recent Chinese scholarship on nontraditional security (NTS) issues, develops a new conceptual approach to NTS, and identifies challenges facing the Chinese state with regard to three core NTS concerns.

Shaping China’s Foreign Policy: The Paradoxical Role of Foreign-Educated Returnees
Cheng Li

This essay examines the intriguing role of Western-educated Chinese returnees in the formation of China’s foreign policy and strategic thinking.

China’s Domestic Policy Fragmentation and “Grand” Strategy in Global Politics
Mark W. Frazier

This essay examines the linkages between China’s national economy and foreign policy over the past 30 years, and assesses the claim that Chinese foreign policy has undergone an important shift in which domestic demand for energy and other raw materials heavily influence foreign policy decisions.