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Etel Solingen's Nuclear Logics: Contrasting Paths in East Asia and the Middle East/ Muthiah Alagappa’s The Long Shadow: Nuclear Weapons and Security in 21st Century Asia

Christopher A. Ford, Jing-dong Yuan, Deepti Choubrey, Jacques E.C. Hymans, Etel Solingen and Muthiah Alagappa

Proliferation Logics and Our Nuclear Future in the 21st Century
Christopher A. Ford

Path Not (Yet) Taken? Revisiting the Three East Asian Cases
Jing-dong Yuan

Updating the Story
Deepti Choubey

Two Visions of Nuclear Weapons in Asia
Jacques E.C. Hymans

Author’s Response: Of Theory, Method, and Policy Guideposts
Etel Solingen

Author’s Response: The Subject—Nuclear Weapons and Security in 21st Century Asia, not Nuclear Choices, Proliferation, or Nonproliferation Policy
Muthiah Alagappa