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NBR hosts email discussion forums that examine U.S. policy in different regions. In each forum, thought-provoking contributions made regularly by scholars, journalists, business people, government officials, and other individuals create a lively atmosphere for debate.

Japan-U.S. Discussion Forum

NBR launched in December 2000 an electronic discussion forum for those interested in issues surrounding Japan-U.S. relations, Japanese politics, economics, social issues, history, and security. The Japan Forum provides an opportunity for in-depth discussion among individuals who seek to further their understanding of contemporary Japanese affairs.

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China-WTO Forum

Moderated by William Abnett, former director of Chinese Affairs in office of the U.S. Trade Representative and senior NBR advisor, this private email forum hosts U.S. policymakers and select specialists in the academic and business communities. Over the past few years, the China-WTO forum has continuously identified and discussed specific developments, issues, and obstacles to China’s implementation of practices and standards since its accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO). Membership to the forum is at the discretion of the forum moderator—please contact NBRif you are interested in joining.

From the Forums

“In addition to the lively discussion of current issues, the Forum is proving to be an excellent source of information on recent publications. I particularly look forward to Fumiko Halloran's useful book reviews.”

Japan Forum member Kenneth B. Pyle

“Japan Forum is a totally unique opportunity for almost 1,000 Japan watchers worldwide to exchange views on politics, economics, and society. With professional and careful moderation, it has outlasted many other sites and is an important place to check everyday for thoughtful analysis.”

Japan Forum member Ira Wolf