Ned Collins-Chase

Political and Security Affairs Intern
The National Bureau of Asian Research

Ned Collins-Chase is a Political and Security Affairs Intern at NBR.

As an Intern with the Political and Security Affairs group, Mr. Collins-Chase assists with research and administrative support for various NBR projects and initiatives, including the Maritime Awareness Project, the Strategic Implications of China-Russia Relations, China’s Vision for a New Regional and Global Order, and NBR programming regarding U.S.-Taiwan/cross-strait relations.

Mr. Collins-Chase holds an MA in China Studies and International Economics from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) and a BA in International Relations and Chinese from Colgate University. His research interests include U.S.-China relations, cross-strait relations, Chinese economic policy, China’s development strategy in Africa, U.S. grand strategy in the Asia-Pacific, and China’s potential role in economic global governance.

Prior to joining NBR, Mr. Collins-Chase worked at the Johns Hopkins–based China Africa Research Initiative and at the Global Taiwan Institute, where he co-authored a major study of Taiwan’s indigenous defense industry. He is a returned Peace Corps volunteer from Peace Corps Mozambique’s 22nd cohort.

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