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China's Military

The Implications of China’s Military Modernization for Vietnam’s Security

Nguyen Hong Thao
Report | Jan 6, 2022
China's Military

Philippine Security Implications from China’s Growing Maritime Capabilities

Andrea Chloe Wong
Report | Jan 6, 2022
China's Military

An Indian Perspective on China’s Military Modernization

Rajeswari Pillai Rajagopalan
Report | Jan 6, 2022
China's Military

An Australian Perspective on Chinese Military Capabilities

Michael Shoebridge
Report | Jan 6, 2022
IP Protection & Supply Chains

Guardians of Intellectual Property in the 21st Century The Global Supply Chain Industry

Steven Carnovale
Report | Dec 7, 2021
Energy Security

India's Energy Future Designing and Implementing a Sustainable Power Mix

T.C.A. Avni, Astha Gupta, Michael Kugelman, Lydia Powell, and A.K. Saxena
Report | Dec 6, 2021
Asia Policy

Asia Policy 16.4 October 2021

Journal | Oct 27, 2021
People's Liberation Army

The People of the PLA 2.0

Roy D. Kamphausen
Book | Jul 23, 2021