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Russia-China Relations

The Strategic Implications of Russia-China Relations Regional Perspectives

Brian Franchell, Tomohiko Uyama, Angela Stent, Yu Bin, Alexander Lukin, Robert Sutter, and Hiroshi Yamazoe
Roundtable | Jan 29, 2018
Nuclear Deterrence

Terence Roehrig's Japan, South Korea, and the United States Nuclear Umbrella: Deterrence After the Cold War

Terence Roehrig, Se Young Jang, Zack Cooper, and Daniel Sneider
Book Review Roundtable | Jan 29, 2018
U.S. Asia Policy

Regional Perspectives on America's Evolving Asia Policy

Moeed Yusuf, Michael Wesley, Noboru Yamaguchi, Ming Lee, Rajesh Rajagopalan, Joseph Chinyong Liow, Dmitri Trenin, Kang Choi, Jessica Keough, and Xie Tao
Roundtable | Jul 20, 2017
Japan's Security Policy

Andrew L. Oros's Japan's Security Renaissance New Policies and Politics for the Twenty-First Century

Andrew L. Oros, Nicholas Szechenyi, Kenneth B. Pyle, James E. Auer, and Yuki Tatsumi
Book Review Roundtable | Jul 20, 2017
China Belt & Road

China's Belt and Road Initiative Views from along the Silk Road

Ritika Passi, Jessica Keough, Meena Singh Roy, Hong Yu, Nargis Kassenova, Andrew Small, Harsh V. Pant, Michael Clarke, and Sebastien Peyrouse
Roundtable | Jul 20, 2017
U.S. Asia Relations

Assessing U.S.-Asia Relations in a Time of Transition

Teresita C. Schaffer, Richard C. Bush, Sue Mi Terry, Ashley J. Tellis, Brian Harding, Sheila A. Smith, Michael Clarke, Kimberly Marten, and David Shambaugh
Roundtable | Jan 31, 2017
North Korea

The North Korean Nuclear Threat Regional Perspectives on a Nuclear-Free Peninsula

Chung-in Moon, Ren Xiao, Yasuhiro Izumikawa, Van Jackson, and Andrei Lankov
Roundtable | Jan 31, 2017

China's Crony Capitalism The Dynamics of Regime Decay

Minxin Pei, Yan Sun, Nicholas Calcina Howson, and David Bachman
Book Review Roundtable | Jan 31, 2017
Indian Ocean Policy

India and China at Sea A Contest of Status and Legitimacy in the Indian Ocean

David Brewster, You Ji, Zhu Li, Pramit Pal Chaudhuri, Abhijit Singh, Rajan Menon, Darshana M. Baruah, John W. Garver, and Rory Medcalf
Roundtable | Jul 27, 2016

Bobo Lo's Russia and the New World Disorder

Olga Oliker, Agnia Grigas, Kimberly Marten, Bobo Lo, Michael Kofman, and Charles E. Ziegler
Book Review Roundtable | Jul 27, 2016
Security Coopration

The ADMM-Plus and the Future of Defense Diplomacy in the Asia-Pacific

Kurt Leffler, Penghong Cai, Ken Jimbo, Udai Bhanu Singh, See Seng Tan, Siew-Mun Tang, Brendan Taylor, Victor Sumsky, and David Capie
Roundtable | Jul 27, 2016
China-Pakistan Relations

Where Is the China-Pakistan Relationship Heading--Strategic Partnership or Conditional Engagement?

Meena Singh Roy
Book Review Roundtable | Jan 25, 2016