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Net Zero

A Path to Net Zero Opportunities for U.S.-ROK Technology Collaboration

Kyungjin Boo, Sang Keon Lee, June Park, and James E. Platte
Report | Sep 27, 2022
hydrogen economy

U.S.-ROK Collaboration for a Hydrogen Economy

Kyungjin Boo
Report | Sep 27, 2022
People's Liberation Army

The People's Liberation Army Conference History, Highlights, and the Challenges Ahead

Roy D. Kamphausen
Essay | Sep 24, 2022
Japanese Politics

Shinzo Abe’s Political Legacy and Influence on Japan's Geostrategic Role

Christopher W. Hughes and Yuka Koshino
Podcast | Sep 20, 2022
People's Liberation Army

Enabling a More Externally Focused and Operational PLA 2020 PLA Conference Papers

Roger Cliff and Roy D. Kamphausen
Book | Jul 27, 2022
U.S.-Japan-ROK trilateralism

U.S.-Japan-ROK Trilateral Cooperation Strengthening Regional Security

Heino Klinck
Roundtable | Aug 1, 2022
U.S.-Japan-ROK trilateralism

U.S.-Japan-ROK Trilateral Cooperation An Opportunity for Renewal

Evans J.R. Revere
Roundtable | Aug 1, 2022
The Africa-China Relationship

Expanding Engagement: Perspectives on the Africa-China Relationship

Rachel Bernstein, Cobus van Staden, Mandira Bagwandeen, Ovigwe Eguegu, Bulelani Jili, Obert Hodzi, Chiponda Chimbelu, and Roukaya Kasenally
Roundtable | Jul 27, 2022
U.S.-Japan Alliance

The U.S.-Japan Alliance and Taiwan

Adam P. Liff
Article | Jul 27, 2022