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China's Strategic Priorities

"Security" and "Struggle" Unpacking China's 20th Party Congress, Leadership Dynamics, and Strategic Priorities

William C. McCahill Jr. and Nadège Rolland
Podcast | Oct 28, 2022
U.S.-ROK alliance

South Korea’s Investment in the U.S.-ROK Alliance A Case Study of the New Southern Policy

Jae Jeok Park and Er-win Tan
Essay | Oct 26, 2022
U.S.-China competition

Caught in the Middle? Middle Powers amid U.S.-China Competition

Hoo Tiang Boon and Sarah Teo
Essay | Oct 26, 2022

Australia’s Great-Power Threat Perceptions and Leadership Responses

Peter K. Lee and Andrew Carr
Essay | Oct 26, 2022
Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping’s Uncomfortable Crown

William C. McCahill Jr.
Commentary | Oct 25, 2022

Kevin Rudd’s The Avoidable War: The Dangers of a Catastrophic Conflict between the U.S. and Xi Jinping's China

Susan Thornton, Rory Medcalf, Joseph Chinyong Liow, Carla P. Freeman, and Kevin Rudd
Book Review Roundtable | Oct 15, 2022