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China's Global Ambitions

An Emerging China-Centric Order: Introduction

Nadège Rolland
Essay | Aug 25, 2020
China Belt & Road

Daniel S. Markey’s China’s Western Horizon: Beijing and the New Geopolitics of Eurasia

Elizabeth Threlkeld, Alexander Cooley, Nargis Kassenova, Jonathan Fulton, Tanvi Madan, and Daniel S. Markey
Roundtable | Jul 29, 2020

Great Games in Central Asia

S. Enders Wimbush
Chapter | Sep 14, 2011

Politico-Economic and Radical Islamic Challenges to Democracy in Asia

Manjeet S. Pardesi and Sumit Ganguly
Chapter | Sep 15, 2010

Russia and the Global Crisis Consequences of Delayed Reform

Steven E. Halliwell
Chapter | Sep 2, 2009

Military Power Projection in Asia

Dennis C. Blair
Chapter | Sep 15, 2008

Mind the Gap Russian Ambitions vs. Russian Reality

Eugene Rumer
Chapter | Sep 1, 2008

Finding Balance The Foreign Policies of Central Asia's States

Svante E. Cornell
Chapter | Sep 15, 2007

Trade, Energy, and Security in the Central Asian Arena

Martin C. Spechler and Dina R. Spechler
Chapter | Sep 12, 2006

Islamic Leaders in Uzbekistan

Eric McGlinchey
Article | Jan 1, 2006

Central Asia Military Modernization and the Great Game

Kimberly Marten
Chapter | Sep 15, 2005