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The Rise of Energy and Resource Nationalism in Asia

Mikkal E. Herberg
Chapter | Sep 1, 2010

Finding Balance The Foreign Policies of Central Asia's States

Svante E. Cornell
Chapter | Sep 15, 2007

Trade, Energy, and Security in the Central Asian Arena

Martin C. Spechler and Dina R. Spechler
Chapter | Sep 12, 2006

Central Asia Military Modernization and the Great Game

Kimberly Marten
Chapter | Sep 15, 2005

Central Asia State Building in the Face of Insurgent Islam

Gregory M. Gleason
Chapter | Sep 15, 2004

Energy, Wealth, and Development in Central Asia and the Caucasus

David I. Hoffman, Nancy Lubin, and Pauline Jones Luong
Report | Aug 1, 1999