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Economic Models

T.J. Pempel’s A Region of Regimes: Prosperity and Plunder in the Asia-Pacific

Saori N. Katada, John Ravenhill, Thomas Pepinsky, David Leheny, Mary Alice Haddad, and T. J. Pempel
Roundtable | Jan 27, 2022
Strategic Asia

Strategic Asia 2021–22 Navigating Tumultuous Times in the Indo-Pacific

Ashley J. Tellis, Alison Szalwinski, and Michael Wills
Book | Jan 11, 2022
Strategic Asia

A Tempestuous Hegemon in a Tumultuous Era

Ashley J. Tellis
Book | Jan 11, 2022
China's Foreign Policy

A Story about Power China’s Economic Statecraft

Video | Jan 11, 2022
Disaster Management

Lessons Learned Disaster Management Perspectives from Japan and Taiwan

Takako Izumi and T.H. Schee
Podcast | Nov 5, 2021
U.S.-Japan Alliance

Japan’s Alliance-Enhancing Security Developments

Jonathan Canfield and Mary Alice Haddad
Article | Oct 27, 2021
Asia Policy

Asia Policy 16.4 October 2021

Journal | Oct 27, 2021