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U.S.-ROK Cooperation

Aligning South Korean and U.S. Economic Security Priorities

Daniel Rechtschaffen
Commentary | Feb 9, 2024
U.S.-Japan Security Cooperation

Space-Based Missile Warning An Opportunity to Deepen U.S.-Japan Security Cooperation

Kota Umeda and Robert S. Wilson
Supply Chains

Critical Technology Supply Chains in the Asia-Pacific Options for the United States to De-risk and Diversify

Taylore Roth, Samuel Naumann, Sarah Mortensen, Peter Heine, Amanda Sayre, John VerWey, and Adam Attarian
Report | Nov 29, 2023
Semiconductor Supply Chains

Bolstering and Securing Semiconductor Supply Chains

Su Hyun Lee
Commentary | Nov 17, 2023
Energy Security

The Revenge of Energy Security Reconciling Asia’s Economic Security with Climate Ambitions

Erica Downs, Vandana Hari, Meredith Miller, Jennifer F. Sklarew, and Rahul Tongia
Report | Nov 7, 2023
Energy Security

Asia Rethinks Its Energy Mix after a Volatile Year in Gas Markets

Vandana Hari
Report | Nov 7, 2023
Energy Security

Japan’s Energy Security Strategy: The Implications of Fukushima and Ukraine

Jennifer F. Sklarew
Report | Nov 7, 2023
Trade and Economics

Preface: Reshaping Economic Interdependence in the Indo-Pacific

Alison Szalwinski and Michael Wills
Preface | Nov 9, 2023
Trade and Economics

Interdependence Imperiled? Economic Decoupling in an Era of Strategic Competition

Ashley J. Tellis
Chapter | Nov 9, 2023
Trade and Economics

Taiwan: Walking the Tightrope between the United States and China

Syaru Shirley Lin
Chapter | Nov 9, 2023