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Digital Transformation

Japan’s “Lucky Moment” Business Reinvention and the Digital Transformation

Ulrike Schaede
Commentary | Feb 4, 2023
India and China

India’s Economic Decoupling from China A Critical Analysis

Raj Verma
Article | Jan 30, 2023
Supply Chains

The Role of Allies in the U.S. Strategy for Semiconductor Supply Chains

Andrew Grotto and Emily Weinstein
Roundtable | Jan 21, 2023
Supply Chains

The Role of Taiwan in the U.S. Semiconductor Supply Chain Strategy

Emily Weinstein
Commentary | Jan 21, 2023
Supply Chains

Mitigating Ally Concerns about U.S. Semiconductor Policies

Andrew Grotto
Commentary | Jan 21, 2023

U.S. Semiconductor Export Controls on the PRC Prospects for Success

Emily Weinstein
Interview | Dec 12, 2022
Critical Minerals

Shiny Objects Repositioning the United States for Critical Mineral Success

Sharon E. Burke
Essay | Dec 1, 2022
Critical Minerals

Critical Minerals: Global Supply Chains and Indo-Pacific Geopolitics

Sharon E. Burke, Llewelyn Hughes, Phung Quoc Huy, Kristin Vekasi, and Yu-Hsuan Wu
Report | Dec 1, 2022