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Maritime Security

China’s Response to U.S.-Japan Coordination in the East China Sea

Kristine Schenck
Essay | Jul 29, 2020
Maritime Strategy

Assessing Indonesian Maritime Strategy Current Evolution and Future Prospects

Prashanth Parameswaran
Essay | Jul 29, 2020
Maritime Security

Navigating Contested Waters (Introduction)

Jonathan W. Greenert
Essay | Jul 29, 2020
The New Normal in Asia

Will Xi Jinping’s Strongman Rule Leave China Weaker after the Pandemic?

William C. McCahill Jr.
Essay | Jul 18, 2020
U.S. Indo-Pacific Strategy

U.S. Strategy at an Inflection Point Challenges to U.S. Interests in the Indo-Pacific

Roger Cliff
Interview | Jul 16, 2020
Maritime Security

ASEAN Initiatives Face Strong Headwinds

Ian Storey
Commentary | Apr 14, 2016
Maritime Security

The Role and Use of International Law in the South China Sea Disputes

Justin D. Nankivell
Commentary | Apr 14, 2016
Maritime Security

Forecasting the South China Sea Arbitration Merits Award

James Kraska
Commentary | Apr 27, 2016
Maritime Security

Whither the Honest Broker? Indonesia and the South China Sea

Shafiah Muhibat
Commentary | May 20, 2016