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Political Economy of Putin’s Russia

Russia’s dependence on resource extraction for economic wealth at the expense of investment in human resources and capital bears potential risks for Russia’s ability to sustain domestic economic prosperity and stability in the long run. This project explores the complex interplay among social, economic, and political pressures impacting Russia’s political economy today; their influence on Russia’s emerging domestic and foreign policy environments; and the attendant implications for current and future U.S. policy toward Russia.


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Mahin Karim
Senior Associate, Political and Security Affairs

Video: Russia’s Peacetime Demographic Crisis

On August 12, the Hudson Institute and the National Bureau of Asian Research held a panel discussion to mark the launch of Dr. Nicholas Eberstadt’s new report, “Russia's Peacetime Demographic Crisis: Dimensions, Causes, Implications” (May 2010). Learn more about the report and watch video from the event.

Russia’s Peacetime Demographic Crisis: Dimensions, Causes, Implications

Continuing population challenges portend a crisis of alarming proportions for Russia’s human resources. This report by Nicholas Eberstadt investigates Russia’s emerging political economy through the unique prism of demographic challenges and assesses the implications thereof for Russia’s future.

Report on NBR-Hudson Institute Discussion Workshop on “Russia’s Political Economy,” April 24, 2008, Washington, D.C.

On April 24, 2008, NBR convened a workshop in partnership with the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C., on the complex and dynamic forces shaping Russia’s emerging political economy, and the implications thereof for Russia’s domestic and foreign policy outlooks. Panelists addressed trends and challenges in Russia’s demographic pressures; human resources sectors, particularly health and education; domestic natural resource development; public finance infrastructure; and domestic foreign policy outlook, and assessed the confluent influence of these forces in shaping Russia’s emerging political economy.