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Managing Unmet Expectations: The U.S.-Japan Security Alliance

This project makes a bottom-up, zero-based appraisal of the U.S.-Japan Alliance and the alternatives both the United States and Japan face for the future of alliance management. It assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship in order to catalyze debate regarding the Alliance’s future. In the process, the project team will identify the paths that may lead the partners separately to seek alternatives, independent of or additional to a continued but evolved Alliance. Each alternative will be defined and explored, which will allow the team to work backward and provide a richer policy menu for Alliance managers.

Response to the Tragedy in Japan

"Amidst Trial, Ties That Bind: Enduring Strength in the U.S.-Japan Alliance" is an NBR web project that chronicled the joint U.S.-Japan relief efforts in areas affected by the Sendai, Japan, earthquake of March 11, 2011.


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Mike Finnegan
Senior Research Associate

Abraham M. Denmark
Vice President, Political and Security Affairs (PSA)

Updating the U.S.-Japan Alliance

Mike Finnegan, Richard Lawless, and Jim Thomas—the author and senior advisors for the recent NBR report "Managing Unmet Expectations in the U.S.-Japan Alliance"—explore current tensions in the alliance and implications for the future of the relationship in an interview with Asia Policy.

Managing Unmet Expectations in the U.S.-Japan Alliance

The evolving security environment in Asia requires a critical evaluation of the U.S.-Japan alliance and its ability to meet new challenges. Is the alliance capable of meeting the security needs and expectations of the partners in the future? Can it remain a cornerstone for security and stability? This report examines the findings of an initiative that explored these issues.