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Islamic Finance

Islamic finance offers an appealing alternative to conventional mechanisms of financial investment and asset management. Representatives from government, law, financial institutions, asset management groups, and academia came together for the NBR conference "Islamic Finance in Southeast Asia: Local Practice, Global Impact" at Georgetown University on October 18, 2007.


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Islamic Finance Project Report

Read the NBR project report "Islamic Finance in Southeast Asia: Local Practice, Global Impact," which analyzes Islamic finance trends in Southeast Asia, examines the industry's impact on the global financial system, and informs the U.S. policy and corporate communities on developments in the Islamic finance industry.

Islamic Finance: Global Trends and Challenges

This issue of the NBR Analysis contains adapted versions of the conference’s opening and closing keynote addresses, presented respectively by Zeti Akhtar Aziz, governor of Bank Negara Malaysia, and by Shamshad Akhtar, governor of the State Bank of Pakistan.

Islamic Finance Conference

Conference participants examined the forces driving the growing phenomenon of Islamic finance and explored opportunities and challenges for U.S. policymakers and global business leaders. Islamic finance is gaining increasing visibility and viability as a sustainable form of financing and banking.