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Pacific Energy Summit

As economies in the Asia-Pacific region continue to grow at astonishing rates, energy demand is increasing to sustain economic prosperity. The urgency of meeting this energy demand while safeguarding the environment demands cooperation and collaboration across nations, sectors and research areas. NBR’s annual Pacific Energy Summit is an invitation-only event that convenes leaders from government, business, and research to explore innovative solutions to the dual challenges of rising energy demand and a changing climate.

By bridging the commercial, public, and nonprofit sectors, the Summit informs policy and inspires collaboration to help support sustainable economic development. Each year, the Summit is held in a different location across the Asia-Pacific, spreading the influence of the program widely and creating a broader network with each iteration.


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Meredith Miller
Senior Vice President, Trade, Economic, and Energy Affairs (TEEA) & Outreach; Director, D.C. Office


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2014 Pacific Energy Summit Report: Charting the Course to a Secure and Cleaner Energy Future

The 2014 Pacific Energy Summit convened key stakeholders from around the world in Seoul, South Korea, to explore what is needed to pursue complementary energy and environmental strategies and work towards achieving the goal of a cleaner and more abundant energy future. Learn more and read the Summit Report.

Implications of North American Coal and Gas to Asia

On November 19, NBR hosted an event exploring the opportunities that exist for closer energy and environmental cooperation between North America and the Asia-Pacific, featuring remarks by Congressman Charles W. Boustany, Jr. (LA-03) and Congressman Gene Green (TX-29), as well as panel discussions with senior experts on energy and environmental security.

Looking East Amid a Crisis to the West: Russia’s Energy Export Strategies

Tatiana Mitrova (Energy Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences) offers insights on the promise for Russian exports to Asian markets, recent developments in Russia’s relations with Asian energy consumers, and the effects of Western sanctions on the country’s energy export prospects.

The Outlook for a Chinese Pivot to Gas

Chen Weidong (CNOOC Energy Economics Institute) offers insights on China’s ambitious targets for increasing gas consumption and reducing coal’s role in its energy mix, how energy pricing plays a key role, and the impact of environmental concerns on Chinese energy policy.

2013 Pacific Energy Summit Report: Forging Trans-Pacific Cooperation for a New Energy Era

The 2013 Pacific Energy Summit convened key stakeholders from the region to explore market and policy solutions needed to realize the full potential for more integrated energy trade and investment between Asia and North America. The report presents policy recommendations on the Summit’s main topics of discussion.

2013 Pacific Energy Summit Working Papers

To inform discussions at the 2013 Pacific Energy Summit, NBR and APF Canada commissioned five policy papers looking at what is needed to realize the full potential for more integrated energy trade and investment between Asia and North America. Read the Summit Working Papers.

Briefing on the Future of North America-Asia Energy Trade

NBR hosted a Capitol Hill briefing on the findings of the 2013 Pacific Energy Summit. A panel of experts including Mikkal Herberg (NBR) examined what is needed to realize the full potential for more integrated energy trade and investment between Asia and North America in light of the shale revolution and Asia’s rising energy demand.

Infographic: Asian Investments in North American Energy Resources

Drawing on data from James Slutz’s working paper for the 2013 Summit, this interactive infographic details the fifteen primary oil and gas investment transactions in the United States and Canada involving an Asian investor or buyer.

Coal in Asia and the Impact of the Shale Gas Revolution

In advance of the 2013 Pacific Energy Summit in Vancouver, Mark Thurber (Stanford University) discussed his research regarding the future of coal use in Asia given the development of North American unconventional gas production.

Growing North America-Asia Energy Ties

The surge in unconventional oil and gas production in North America has opened the door to the possibility of exporting oil and gas to Asia, which seeks to diversify energy supplies and meet growing demand. Mikkal Herberg and Toshikazu Okuya were joined by leaders of policy, industry and government for a discussion on this changing energy landscape. Read the report of the discussion.

Environmental Politics in Northeast Asia: Lessons Learned for North America

In advance of the 2013 Pacific Energy Summit in Vancouver, Mary Alice Haddad (Wesleyan University) discussed her research on environmental politics in China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea and the implications for other countries in the Asia-Pacific.

2012 Pacific Energy Summit Report—“Innovative Generation: Powering a Prosperous Asia”

The 2012 Pacific Energy Summit Report highlights key findings from discussions in Hanoi, Vietnam, where global decision makers addressed how to best meet Asia’s rising electricity demand while mitigating the environmental impact.

Game Changers in Asia's Energy and Power Markets

As the world’s most dynamic economic region, Asia is attempting to expand electricity access and ensure energy security without compromising the environment. Mikkal Herberg describes specific obstacles that lie ahead, as well as new opportunities that have emerged to help Asia make a shift toward abundant, reliable, and cleaner energy.

Rethinking Asia’s Energy Mix: Sustainable, Reliable Nuclear Power

In advance of the 2012 Pacific Energy Summit, held in Hanoi from March 20–22, Hooman Peimani (Energy Studies Institute at the National University of Singapore) discussed Asia’s energy mix, arguing that nuclear power is still a viable alternative to fossil fuels in a post-Fukushima Asia.

Powering Asia through Technology

In advance of the 2012 Pacific Energy Summit, to be held in Hanoi, March 20–22, 2012, NBR asked Peter Hughes, Director and Head of the Energy Practice at Ricardo, a multi-industry energy consulting firm, to outline the important role that new technology can play in addressing Asia’s rapidly rising energy demand.

Policy and Technology for Asia’s Coal Consumption

In advance of the Pacific Energy Summit, NBR spoke with Mark Thurber (Stanford University), who outlines the key issues that define Asia’s rising energy demand, the emerging global market for coal, new technologies for this age-old energy source, and how stakeholders can come together to help shape the region's future energy mix.

Expanding Access to Electricity: What Asia Can Learn from a Success Story in Latin America

Meeting electricity demands needed to sustain economic prosperity while mitigating associated environmental impacts will require innovative and collaborative solutions and committed leadership. Carlos Colom Bickford, President of the National Energy Commission of Guatemala, discusses his country's successful models.

2011 Pacific Energy Summit and Report

The 2011 Pacific Energy Summit was held in Jakarta, Indonesia, on February 21-23, 2011, featuring the theme "Unlocking the Potential of Natural Gas in the Asia-Pacific." The Summit explored the role of natural gas in addressing the challenges of energy security and climate change in the region. The Summit Report highlights the key findings from robust discussion among world leaders in policy, industry, and academia. Download the report.

2009 Pacific Energy Summit and Report

NBR’s inaugural Pacific Energy Summit convened in Tokyo, Japan on November 3-5, 2009 with the theme "Energy Security and Economic Growth in the Asia-Pacific: Innovations, markets, and smart policies for a low-carbon future." The Summit Report outlines the key findings that emerged over two days of discussion. Download the report.

2015 Pacific Energy Summit

The sixth annual Pacific Energy Summit will take place in Beijing in 2015. Learn more.

Previous Summits

2014 Pacific Energy Summit
Seoul, South Korea

2013 Pacific Energy Summit
Vancouver, Canada

2012 Pacific Energy Summit
Hanoi, Vietnam

2011 Pacific Energy Summit
Jakarta, Indonesia

2009 Pacific Energy Summit
Tokyo, Japan

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