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Innovation and IP Policy

Economies in the Asia-Pacific have shown unprecedented growth rates in recent years, and the United States aims to engage with the many burgeoning economies in the region. As India, China, and others work to further develop their economies, intellectual property and innovation policies have increasingly appeared in national and international discussions. To assess these key issues, NBR has developed projects looking at intellectual property protection and innovation policy development in the Asia-Pacific and how emerging players in the region continue to shape global discourse on the future of these policies.

The Globalization of China’s Life Science Sector

Over the past decade, China’s influence in the global life science sector has expanded significantly. China now has numerous life science companies that serve its domestic market, providing greater access to medical products and facilitating the development of the country’s first WHO-prequalified vaccine. These advances have paved the way for China’s pharmaceutical companies to make critical innovations available internationally. At the same time, government policies to bolster this sector represent a departure from international norms, with strong implications for the entire system of market- and rules-based globalization. With these concerns in mind, this initiative examines China’s evolving life sciences sector and the implications for innovation and international harmonization around drug approvals, clinical trials, and market regulations. It also analyzes the broader impact that the evolution of China’s life science sector will have on U.S.-China relations.

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India’s IP and Innovation Policies

India has emerged as a major economic power, and seeks to strengthen its role in and ties to the global economy while stimulating domestic growth. At the same time, international stakeholders are looking to India as a potential partner in development yet have concerns about the trajectory of India’s IP and industrial policymaking and its impact on fostering robust global markets. With this in mind, this initiative seeks to examine India’s IP and innovation policies and highlight recommendations for strengthening public policy in the United States, India, and globally.

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China's Strategies on Intellectual Property Rights, Technology Standards, and Innovation

Since the mid-1990s, NBR has been at the forefront of analyzing and researching China’s IPR regime and industrial policies, including technology standards, innovation policy, and intellectual property protection. Drawing from a comprehensive network of scholars, practitioners, and policymakers, NBR analyzes these important issues and informs U.S. and Chinese leaders on policy implications through high-level briefings, conferences, reports, workshops, and working papers.

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