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July 2017

2016 Pacific Energy Summit Report: Sustainable Futures: Energy and Environmental Security in Times of Transition


The 2016 Summit Report presents the findings of this invitation-only event and identifies opportunities for stakeholders to pursue market-driven policy solutions to energy and environmental challenges in the Asia-Pacific.

June 2017

Allied Energy Security: The Role of U.S. Oil and LNG Exports in U.S. Relations with Japan and South Korea


Jeremy Maxie and Tatsuo Masuda assess the role of U.S. oil and LNG exports in strengthening the energy security of both Japan and South Korea and offer proposals for a trilateral energy security partnership

December 2016

Asia: A Geopolitical Beneficiary of the New Energy Environment

Meghan L. O’Sullivan


This essay examines the implications of the shift from perceived scarcity to abundance in global energy supplies for the geopolitics of Asia and the region’s interactions with the broader international scene.

December 2016

The Impact of Prolonged Low Energy Prices on APEC’s Transition to a Low-Carbon Energy Mix

Cecilia Tam and Muhamad Izham Abd. Shukor


This essay explores the drivers of the transition to a low-carbon energy system and assesses how prolonged low energy prices could affect this shift.

December 2016

Introduction: Asia’s Energy Security amid Global Market Change

Clara Gillispie and Mikkal E. Herberg


In this NBR Special Report, top experts examine shifts in global oil and LNG market outlooks, the geopolitical implications for the Asia-Pacific, and options for strengthening energy and environmental policy across the region.

December 2016

Asia’s LNG Prospects: Finally Entering a Golden Age

Leslie Palti-Guzman


This essay examines the competitiveness of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in the fast-evolving Asian natural gas market and assesses key trends observed over the past two years, the demand response to a lower-price environment, and the implications of sustained competitive LNG prices for Asia’s long-term energy mix.

December 2016

The Outlook for Asia’s Oil Market in a Lower-Price Environment

Antoine Halff


This essay examines the short- and longer-term impact of low oil prices on Asian countries and assesses the risks to energy security.

December 2015

Cheap Oil in the Asia-Pacific: Implications for Energy and Environmental Security


This essay is part of a Strategic Asia Program series on Trends and Indicators in the Asia-Pacific.

November 2015

Assessing National Power in Asia

Ashley J. Tellis

Edited Volumes and Chapters

This chapter explains how three distinct conceptions of power—as resources, ability, and outcomes—informed the framework of this study and presents an overview of each chapter in the volume.

November 2015

Indonesia: The Reluctant Giant

Vikram Nehru

Edited Volumes and Chapters

This chapter examines Indonesia’s national resource base and the country’s ability to use these resources effectively in meeting its internal and external challenges.

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China's Eurasian Century? Political and Strategic Implications of the Belt and Road Initiative

In this new monograph, Nadège Rolland (NBR) examines the drivers and goals of China’s Belt and Road Initiative and argues that the initiative reflects Beijing’s desire to shape Eurasia according to its own worldview and unique characteristics.

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Course Reader: Energy Security and the Asia-Pacific

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Understanding Strategic Cultures in the Asia-Pacific

Strategic Asia 2016–17: Understanding Strategic Cultures in the Asia-Pacific the sixteenth volume in the Strategic Asia series, examines how the region's major powers view international politics and the use of military force.

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Translations of NBR Publications

Chinese Translations

China's IP Transition: Rethinking Intellectual Property Rights in a Rising China
Richard P. Suttmeier and Xiangkui Yao
Full Text Chinese

Standards, Stakeholders, and Innovation: China's Evolving Role in the Global Knowledge Economy
Scott Kennedy, Richard P. Suttmeier and Jun Su
Full Text Chinese

Standards of Power? Technology, Institutions, and Politics in the Development of China's National Standards Strategy
Richard P. Suttmeier, Xiangkui Yao and Alex Zixiang Tan
Full Text Chinese

China's Post-WTO Technology Policy: Standards, Software, and the Changing Nature of Techno-Nationalism
Richard P. Suttmeier and Xiangkui Yao
Full Text Chinese

Regional Economic Implications of DPRK Security Behavior: The “Bold Switchover” Conference
Conference Report
Full Text Chinese

Japanese Translations

Japan’s Energy Security: Outlook and Implications
Mikkal Herberg, Edward Lincoln, and Michael Wallace
Full Text Japanese

Undernutrition: Creating New Reponses
Full Text Japanese

Vietnamese Translations

Powering Asia’s Growth: Meeting Rising Electricity Needs
Mikkal E. Herberg
Full Text Vietnamese

Electricity at the Right Price
Donald Hertzmark
Full Text Vietnamese

First Principles: Technology as an Enabler for Productive Power Markets
Peter Hughes, Scott Hare, and Maite Pina
Full Text Vietnamese

Case Study on Power Sector Restructuring in Vietnam
Nguyen Anh Tuan
Executive Summary Vietnamese

Prospects for Nuclear Energy in Asia
Hooman Peimani
Executive Summary Vietnamese

Taking Renewable Energy to Scale in Asia
Letha Tawney
Executive Summary Vietnamese

Principles of Successful Expansion of Rural Electrification Programs
Daniel Waddle
Executive Summary Vietnamese