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February 2018

The Case for U.S.-ROK-Japan Trilateralism: Strengths and Limitations

Roy Kamphausen, John S. Park, Ryo Sahashi and Alison Szalwinski


This report situates the U.S.-ROK-Japan relationship in the context of the scholarly literature on trilateralism and offers concrete recommendations for strengthening trilateral cooperation in four key areas: regional security, nontraditional security, energy security, and space and cybersecurity.

February 2018

Reconstructing Taiwan's Military Strategy: Achieving Forward Defense through Multi-Domain Deterrence

David An


This report identifies the drivers of Taiwan’s military strategy and examines this strategy in the context of the threat posed to the island by the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and other key challenges.

January 2018

China and the Strategic Imperative for the United States

Charles W. Boustany Jr. and Richard J. Ellings

Special Essay

This essay examines the implications of China’s rise and calls on the U.S. to address the domestic bases for national power and to reassume a leadership role in Asia by executing a grand strategy that is fully cognizant of political, historical, economic, and strategic realities.

January 2018

The Chinese Communist Party’s Use of Homophonous Pen Names: An Open-Source Open Secret

David Gitter and Leah Fang


David Gitter and Leah Fang examine the CCP's use of homophonous pen names in the media to transmit official CCP views and assess this system's utility as a credible information source for foreign analysts.

January 2018

Publisher’s Note (January 2018)

Publisher's Note

This first issue of 2018 marks an exciting transition for the journal: a shift from biannual to quarterly publication. Beginning this year, Asia Policy will be published in January, April, July, and October.

January 2018

Can Vietnam's Military Stand Up to China in the South China Sea?

Derek Grossman


This article examines Vietnam’s warfighting capabilities for defending its disputed claims with China in the South China Sea.

January 2018

Terence Roehrig’s Japan, South Korea, and the United States Nuclear Umbrella: Deterrence After the Cold War

Daniel Sneider, Zack Cooper, Se Young Jang and Terence Roehrig

Book Review Roundtable

Review essays on Terence Roehrig’s Japan, South Korea, and the United States Nuclear Umbrella: Deterrence After the Cold War by three experts are followed by a response from the author.

January 2018

The Strategic Implications of Russia-China Relations: Regional Perspectives

Brian Franchell, Angela Stent, Yu Bin, Alexander Lukin, Tomohiko Uyama, Hiroshi Yamazoe and Robert Sutter


This roundtable offers perspectives on the implications that heightened Sino-Russian cooperation might have for the global system and regional relations, including from the key states involved (China, Russia, and the United States), as well as on what closer Sino-Russian cooperation means for neighboring countries in Central and Northeast Asia.

November 2017

Challenges for India’s Military Strategy: Matching Capabilities to Ambitions?

John H. Gill

Edited Volumes and Chapters

This chapter examines India’s dominant military strategy, discusses how evolving requirements may induce changes in the country’s thinking, and assesses the adequacy of this strategy in terms of its national ambitions.

November 2017

Ideas, Perceptions, and Power: An Examination of China’s Military Strategy

Oriana Skylar Mastro

Edited Volumes and Chapters

This chapter explains how a broad base of national power, the prevalence of perceived maritime threats, and national narratives about the “century of humiliation” and Chinese exceptionalism combine to make regional power projection the most attractive national military strategy to Chinese leaders.

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