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Alicia Fawcett

Political and Security Affairs Intern
The National Bureau of Asian Research (NBR)

Alicia Fawcett is a Political and Security Affairs Intern at NBR.

As an intern with the Political and Security Affairs group, Ms. Fawcett assists with research and administrative support for various initiatives, including Strategic Asia.

Her research interests include analyzing political risks coupled with the European Union and China, game theory applied to diplomacy, U.S.-China trade relations, cybersecurity norms, geo-economics, and Chinese foreign policy.

Prior to her role at NBR, Ms. Fawcett worked as an assistant Northeast Asia researcher for the International Crisis Group in Hong Kong, a researcher for the Regional Academy of the United Nations in Vienna, an intelligence strategist in New York City, an English teacher in Taiwan, and an intern for the U.S. Department of State in Shanghai, the International Women’s Democracy Center, the National Council of Women’s Organizations, the Forum Foundation, and the U.S.-China Policy Foundation.

Her research from the United Nations has been published with various think tanks across Europe, including the Hungarian Ministry of Defense. She also contributed to the 2017 edition of the Washington Journal on Modern China.

Ms. Fawcett received her MA in International and Diplomatic Studies from the University of Economics in Prague, a BA in Economics, and a BA in International Studies with an emphasis in Asia.

Contact:Washington, D.C., Office