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Roy Kamphausen Appointed to U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission (April 13 2018)

The Theft of Up to $600 Billion of American IP Annually Calls for a Decisive Response, Says IP Commission (March 8 2018)

NBR Joins ERIN as Lead U.S. Representative (January 27 2017)

The Next Act in Southeast Asian Waters (July 15 2016)

Mariana Parks Joins the Slade Gorton International Policy Center at The National Bureau of Asian Research (July 11 2016)

Report Launch: Approaching Critical Mass: Asia's Multipolar Nuclear Future (June 27 2016)

Admiral Dennis Blair, Tan Eng Chye, Bambang Susantano, and John Rindlaub to Headline the 2016 Pacific Energy Summit (June 2 2016)

NBR and Sasakawa USA launch premier interactive maritime website (April 14 2016)

NBR and Sasakawa USA to Launch Premier Interactive Maritime Website (April 14 2016)

Admiral Jonathan Greenert Joins NBR as John M. Shalikashvili Chair in National Security Studies (March 3 2016)

Asia’s Best Kept Secret: The ASEAN Economic Community (February 17 2016)

Asia Policy 21 Features South China Sea Perspectives (January 21 2016)

60 Minutes Broadcast Features Chinese Economic Espionage (January 19 2016)

Strategic Asia 2016 To Be Launched on November 18 (November 9 2015)

Experts Discuss the Future of North America-Asia Energy Trade (October 14 2015)

Congressman Norm Dicks, Senator Slade Gorton, and Ambassador Gary Locke to Speak on North America-Asia Energy Trade (September 18 2015)

The National Bureau of Asian Research Offers Analyses and Access to Experts in Advance of Chinese President Xi Jinping's Visit (September 16 2015)

OPM Hack an Opportunity to Revisit Key Cyber Reforms (July 22 2015)

Roy Kamphausen Named Senior Vice President for Research and Director of NBR’s Washington, D.C., Office (July 7 2015)

Pentagon Appoints NBR's Abraham Denmark as Deputy Asst. Secretary of Defense for East Asia (July 6 2015)

Pacific Energy Summit Delegates Reach Cooperative Solutions on Energy Dilemmas in Asia (June 23 2015)

What to Expect during South Korean President Park Geun-hye's Visit to the United States (June 8 2015)

New Trends in global Oil Markets (May 20 2015)

Media Roundtable Announcement (May 12 2015)

What to Expect During Japanese Prime Minister Abe's Trip to the United States (April 23 2015)

Nur Bekri, Zeng Peiyan, and Dennis Blair among Energy Experts and Industry Leaders to Headline 2015 Pacific Energy Summit (April 21 2015)

Obama Administration to Sanction Foreign Persons and Entities Committing Cyber Espionage (April 1 2015)

NBR and UW Law School to Co-Host “Innovate in India” in Seattle (March 27 2015)

Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs, Daniel Russel, to Give “America Looks West” Speech (March 27 2015)

Capitol Hill Launch of New Report on India’s IP and Innovation Policies (March 17 2015)

Capitol Hill Launch of New Report on India’s IP and Innovation Policies (March 16 2015)

NBR’s Abraham Denmark to Testify at House Foreign Affairs Asia Subcommittee Hearing on Rebalance to Asia (February 24 2015)

Japan Minister Yasushi Akahoshi & Rep. Charles Boustany, Jr. to Keynote Adapting to a New Energy Era on Capitol Hill (February 11 2015)

National Security Council’s Dr. Evan Medeiros and Leading Experts to Examine U.S. Alliances and Partnerships (November 24 2014)

Asia Energy Week: Experts Assess China's Energy Insecurity On Capitol Hill (November 11 2014)

Asia Energy Week: Rep. Charles Boustany Jr. And Rep. Gene Green Co-Host North American Coal And Gas To Asia (November 11 2014)

Nadège Rolland named Senior Project Director for Political and Security Affairs at The National Bureau of Asian Research (September 17 2014)

Asia-Pacific Countries and United States Hold Energy Summit to Discuss Energy and Environmental Security (July 9 2014)

Energy Experts, Leaders, and Officials from the U.S. and Asia to Headline Annual Pacific Energy Summit in Seoul June 30-July 1 (June 11 2014)

Acucela Inc. CEO Ryo Kubota Elected to Board of Directors at The National Bureau of Asian Research (June 10 2014)

Policymakers, Energy & Environment Experts, Industry & Government Leaders Convene in Seattle to Define Prospects for Expanding Trans-Pacific Energy Trade (April 28 2014)

Myanmar’s Ambassador, Senior Experts Discuss Myanmar’s Reforms and Implications for U.S. & Asia (March 24 2014)

NBR Announces Governance Changes (March 18 2014)

Admiral Blair, the Honorable Kono, and Senior Experts to Discuss Strengthening U.S.-Japan Ties in a New Energy Era (February 13 2014)

Senior Experts Assess the Potential of Natural Gas Markets and the Role of the Shale Gas Revolution (November 5 2013)

New Report Examines the Geopolitics of Gas Supply and Demand in Asia (November 4 2013)

Senator Jeff Sessions and Leading Experts Examine U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy and Nuclear Strategy in Asia (October 1 2013)

Chief of Naval Operations Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert to Speak on Retooling U.S. Navy to Meet National Security Needs (September 19 2013)

Rep. Charles Boustany Jr. and S. Chander of ADB to Assess the U.S. Shale Gas Revolution and the Prospects of LNG Exports to Asia (June 17 2013)

Takeda Pharmaceutical's Tachi Yamada Joins Board of Directors at the National Bureau of Asian Research (May 17 2013)

H7N9 Flu Risks and Responses in Asia Discussed by Wellcome Trust's New Director Jeremy Farrar (May 2 2013)

Rep. Rick Larsen, Ambassador Dino Djalal, and Senior Hill Staff to Address the Role of Congress in the Rebalance toward Asia (April 16 2013)

Energy Summit Held to Discuss Challenges & Opportunities in a New Era of Trans-Pacific Energy (April 4 2013)

S. Enders Wimbush named Executive Director for Strategy and Development at The National Bureau of Asian Research (February 15 2013)

Senior Experts Assess China's New Leaders, Asia's Leadership Transitions (November 12 2012)

Andrew S. Erickson awarded inaugural Joffe Prize for PLA Studies (October 19 2012)

Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton B. Carter and Leading Experts Assess Challenge from China's Military (September 28 2012)

Experts Argue That China's Military Is Challenging U.S. Dominance in the Asia-Pacific (September 27 2012)

New Report on Asia's Influence on Oil and Gas Geopolitics (September 17 2012)

Under Secretary Hormats, Congressman Boustany, and leading experts discuss new report on Asia’s rising energy demand (September 12 2012)

Top Defense and Strategic Thinkers Assess Viability of the U.S. Rebalance toward Asia (July 9 2012)

2012 Pacific Energy Summit Delegates from over 17 Countries Meet in Hanoi to Foster Energy Security, Economic Growth, and Electricity Access (April 9 2012)

Industry Executives, Government Leaders, and Energy Experts to Address Soaring Regional Energy Demand and Corresponding Climate Security Challenges (February 21 2012)

NBR hosts leading experts at launch of new volume on China military (February 14 2012)

New Report Assesses the Energy and Geopolitical Issues Influencing Maritime Disputes in Asia (December 11 2011)

NBR hosts Assistant Secretary Robert Blake and leading experts at launch of Strategic Asia 2011–12 (September 26 2011)

NBR hosts Senator Murkowski, Congressman Smith and leading experts at a conference on Asia's rising energy and resource nationalism (September 19 2011)

New Report Assesses Maritime Disputes and Opportunities for Cooperation in East and Southeast Asia (August 1 2011)

Overcoming Barriers to Maritime Cooperation in East and Southeast Asia (July 29 2011)

New Report on China's Intellectual Property Rights and Innovation Strategies (July 21 2011)

New Report on China's Intellectual Property Rights and Innvoation Strategies (April 22 2011)

Rising Oil Prices Prompt Calls for Expanded Use of Natural Gas in the Asia-Pacific Region (March 1 2011)

2011 Pacific Energy Summit Media Alert (January 20 2011)

Admiral Thomas B. Fargo, USN (retired), Named New Shalikashvili Chair (September 29 2010)

Creigh H. Agnew Joins Gorton Center (September 21 2010)

Maritime Energy Resources in Asia (August 16 2010)

David M. Lampton Awarded the $50,000 Inaugural Scalapino Prize (July 8 2010)

Crisis in Russia: Demographics Reveal Grim News (May 19 2010)

NBR and Wilson Center announce NARP Asia research associates (April 7 2010)

Experts Examine Changing Dynamics Of Muslim Religious Leaders In South Asia (February 16 2010)

APEC on Leveraging Advances in Health IT (February 11 2010)

Experts Examine Counterterrorism Strategies in South Asia (January 21 2010)

NBR Report on Narco-Jihad: Drug Trafficking & Security in Afghanistan and Pakistan (January 18 2010)

NBR examines unmet expectations in the US-Japan security alliance (November 3 2009)

High-level speakers to meet in Tokyo at inaugural Pacific Energy Summit (October 29 2009)

NBR Holds Discussion of Asian Markets in 2010 (October 21 2009)

NBR Releases Study on the Strategic Implications of the Financial Crisis for U.S. Power in Asia (September 21 2009)

Experts Assess Foreign Policy Implications of DPJ Victory in Japan Elections (August 31 2009)

Global Health Leaders to Plan Response to Worsening Multidrug-Resistant TB Crisis (June 5 2009)

NBR Launches Two Projects under MacArthur Initiative (May 29 2009)

Book Release - "Beyond the Strait: PLA Missions Other Than Taiwan" (April 28 2009)

NBR hosts Deputy Secretary of State Steinberg, senior policy leaders, and scholars at "Engaging Asia 2009: Strategies for Success" (March 26 2009)

Admiral Keating to Provide Asia-Pacific Overview at Seattle Breakfast Event (January 27 2009)

Admiral Dennis C. Blair Nominated for Director of National Intelligence (January 9 2009)

Emerging Leaders in East Asia: The Next Generation of Political Leadership in China, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan (October 21 2008)

McCain and Obama Advisors to Debate Asia Policy, September 22 (September 17 2008)

NBR Launches New Volume on What the President Should Know (September 12 2008)

China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Annual Conference Volume (September 5 2008)

NBR Holds Groundbreaking Ceremony in Seattle's University District (August 4 2008)

Industry Executives, Government Leaders, and Energy Experts to Address Soaring Regional Energy Demand and Corresponding Climate Security Challenges (February 21 2000)

2011 Pacific Energy Summit (February 21 2000)

NBR’s Abraham Denmark to testify at House Foreign Affairs Asia Subcommittee Hearing on Rebalance to Asia ()